‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Returns To His Family – Or Does He? [Video]

General Hospital spoilers promo shows Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) gets the memory reversal procedure. So, his family waits anxiously in hopes of his return. Of course, many things could go wrong but Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) prays for a miracle.

No doubt, this is everything she’s longing for so now all she can do us wait and hope that Franco comes back to her on GH. Take a peek at the emotional and life-changing week ahead on the ABC sudser. Is it a happy holiday or more drama coming?

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Baldwin Gets Mind Altering Procedure

GH spoilers’ new video promo reveals this is the week Franco Baldwin has the memory process undone. If all goes well, Franco’s back and memories of Drew Cain are gone. However, that may not be the case. Remember, Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) made it clear to Elizabeth that she may not get the outcome she desperately wants. Of course, there’s a chance it might not work – or there’s a twist ahead, hint General Hospital spoilers.

The worst-case scenario is he comes out a vegetable. But, that’s unlikely. But he may wake as Franco Baldwin and still have Drew’s memories. Of course, this would be horrible because Peter August (Wes Ramsey) wants to keep those hidden. Remember, he ordered a hit on Franco to protect himself. So, if there are any traces of Drew left, Franco Baldwin’s in danger, per General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Franco Wakes As Himself?

General Hospital spoilers suggest Franco Baldwin will be his old, funny, quirky self when he comes to.  Of course, that’s what Elizabeth Webber hopes for as she waits. No doubt, she misses her husband terribly and just wants their life back. Certainly, Friz fans want that as well. As they are dying to get the real Franco back. So, after months of waiting it seems likely that Franco Baldwin’s back to himself on General Hospital.

However, it’s sure to be a tough transition if he does. No doubt, a lot happened while Drew was in control of his body and life. So, there is a lot that needs explained and he’ll need to adjust to a new reality. Also, there’s also the chance that some of Drew’s essence lingers in the back of his mind ready to pop out at any time, tease General Hospital spoilers.

Franco Baldwin Devastated On General Hospital

GH spoilers say it looks like Franco Baldwin is himself again but is devastated when he wakes. No doubt, this could be when he learns his BFF Drew’s supposedly dead. Remember, Franco and Drew were close and he’ll be heartbroken to hear that he’s gone. Additionally, Franco Baldwin’s sure to be horrified to learn he bedded Kim Nero (Tamara Braun).

Hearing that he almost abandoned Liz and the kids will hurt too. Furthermore, he’s crushed that his family suffered so much as a result of his actions. Of course, Elizabeth doesn’t blame him one bit and will just be happy to have her Franco back. Don’t miss a minute of GH because it’s going to be an intense week for Franco Baldwin and his family.

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