‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Wakes As Drew Hybrid – What Then?

General Hospital spoilers wonder if Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) wakes from the memory recovery as a hybrid of himself and Drew Cain (Billy Miller). That’s already been mentioned as a possibility. No doubt, that would be the best of both worlds for some people in his life such as Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson).

Elizabeth Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) and Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) still battle for him, but things shift soon. Because Franco sees both Kim and Liz in a different light. That and the court battle resolve soon and sets the stage for Kim’s exit from the ABC sudser. That leaves Elizabeth to deal with the fallout on her own on GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Fight For Franco Baldwin And Drew Cain

GH spoilers promise both Elizabeth Webber and Kim both fight for the men they love. However, Kim is deluded and in a fantasy world caused by grief. No doubt, she’s clinging to her past and putting Franco Baldwin’s family through turmoil. And, the trial takes a huge toll on everyone. Remember, poor Cameron Webber (William Lipton) was accused of lying. Plus, Liz’s mistakes are thrown in her face.

Also, General Hospital spoilers confirm Kim’s awful secret of drugging Drew to force him into intimacy. Now, this changes how Dranco sees Kim. So, she notices a difference in his attitude towards her. No doubt, it shocks him that she would do something so reckless and violate a man like that. However, that won’t stop her from fighting until her last moment.

However, she can’t let go of the past and she will continue to fight even though Dranco’s opinion of her has changed. But, there is no way Liz will give up the fight either. Certainly, she won’t stop until she’s done everything possible to get her husband back, promise General Hospital spoilers. But this battle winds up as November sweeps hits its peak.

GH Spoilers: Franco Wakes With Both Drew’s Memories And His Own?

General Hospital spoilers tease Franco Baldwin may have no choice but to go through with the procedure if the court rules against him. Remember, this a very risky experiment and no one knows what might happen. Surely, it is so dangerous Franco may be left as a vegetable. However, he might also end up with both the memories of his life as Franco Baldwin and his life as Drew.

No doubt, this would be freaky. Certainly, he will feel the love he has for Elizabeth Webber as well as Kim. Additionally, he might not forgive either woman for their actions. Maybe, the Franco Baldwin side of him is furious with Liz for forcing him into the treatment to get his memories back. Then, the Drew side of him would be livid with Kim for drugging him and trying to re-create their late son, hint GH spoilers.

Franco Torn Between Two Lives – Will Friz Survive On General Hospital?

GH spoilers say there is a chance Franco Baldwin will be left with Drew’s memories along with his own. Now, when Franco took Cam’s place, he mentioned he’d rather have Drew’s memories instead of his own. This way, the memories of a decorated Navy SEAL replaced memories of his dark past. So, he may not be happy with Elizabeth for bringing him back.

Then, Kim was the one person in his life he could count on. Now, he finds out the disturbing lengths she went to to ease her grief. No doubt, he feels he can’t trust her anymore. So, if the end result of this memory transfer mess is a Franco-Drew hybrid, he likely won’t know who to trust or where to turn. Keep up on GH on ABC daytime to see if Franco Baldwin’s torn between his life and Drew’s.

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