‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Billy Miller Touching Farewell Message to Kelly Monaco

Beloved General Hospital star Billy Miller confirmed his exit from the ABC soap with a heartfelt message to his scene partner Kelly Monaco. No doubt, Billy will be missed by his many fans and co-workers alike. Clearly, Billy put a lot of time and effort into getting the video and farewell letter just right. Certainly, his fans mean the world to him and he wanted to get that message across.

Additionally, he closed the video with a heartwarming message to on-screen love interest Kelly Monaco. Check out Billy Miller’s final video to his countless GH fans tweeted yesterday from his agent. It seems he’ll miss the show and appreciates the fans. But it’s his time as Drew Cain to her Sam McCall that’s hardest for him to let go on the ABC soap.

Billy Miller Will Be Greatly Missed at General Hospital

No doubt, GH fans will deeply miss seeing Billy Miller on their screens. Certainly, he came to the sudser with a difficult task. Remember, he took on the role of beloved, longtime character Jason Morgan. That’s after Steve Burton played the character for 20 years, then Stone Cold “died”. So, stepping into a role like that couldn’t have been easy.

However, Billy made the character his own and showed a new side to Jason Morgan that fans loved. Then, when Steve Burton came back, Billy transitioned from Jason Morgan to Drew Cain. Certainly, he made that character a lovable one as well. No doubt, Billy is extremely talented and can take whatever is thrown at him. Surely, he will be missed on General Hospital.

Billy Miller Crafted His Goodbye Letter To GH Fans To Perfection

It is obvious that Billy Miller wanted the goodbye letter to his General Hospital fans to be perfect. Because, it looks like it took him several drafts to write his goodbye. Watch the video to see crumpled pages of a legal pad. Surely, this was to convey the process and effort involved as he wrote his message to fans to say goodbye.

Certainly, Billy took a great deal of time to craft this letter, he didn’t just jot it down quickly. Seems he wants his fans to know that. In addition, he typed it on a classic typewriter. So, it had that personal touch. Obviously, Billy put a lot of thought into his farewell and GH fans everywhere will certainly appreciate it.

It’s also a nice reference to the fact that he’s anti-tech since he doesn’t do social media. The typewriter showed his love of things old-school as he ends his multi-year run on the ABC sudser.

Billy Miller Says Goodbye Via Video To General Hospital Viewers

Billy Miller shared pics of balloons and a crystal cowboy in his goodbye video – acknowledging his GH fans. Obviously, he is very much loved by his fans judging by the number of gifts he has gotten from them. So, he made sure to express how much it means to him.

Of course, there will always be some haters out there. But, for the most part, Billy Miller was very much loved as Jake Doe, Jason Morgan, and Drew Cain. Certainly, his exit crushes his adoring fans as he’s leaving General Hospital. However, they can still see Billy on his new show Ray Donovan on Showtime.

Billy’s Touching Tribute To GH Close Pal and Co Worker Kelly Monaco

General Hospital actor Billy Miller closed the video with a tribute to his friend Kelly Monaco – and devoted scene partner. He wrote a message to her on a photo of them that stated – “To the best partner I have ever had – who has my back and I have hers because it takes two! “Deuces”, Love Billy.” Certainly, he and Kelly have a natural chemistry and real friendship. So far, she’s been social media silent since his exit was confirmed.

No doubt, they brought new life to Jasam. Then, when Jason became Drew they transformed into “Dream” beautifully. Even after their character’s marriage ended their love for each other still came through. Be sure to check out Billy’s goodbye video in the Tweet above. Watch ABC weekdays to see how things play out for Billy Miller as Drew Cain on GH.

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