‘General Hospital’: Morgan Corinthos Back from the Dead with New Face?

General Hospital spoilers suspect Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) may come back from the dead when new episodes resume. However, he might have a new face on GH. Plus, the Corinthos son’s return would be at the perfect time due to new COVID restrictions on the sudsy ABC drama.

Morgan Corinthos May Come Home in New General Hospital Episodes

When GH is new again, there may be a big surprise in store for viewers. Soon, there’s a chance Morgan Corinthos might turn out to be alive after all. However, he may not look like General Hospital fans remember him. Perhaps, it may come out that he suffered from burns to the face. So, his face may be reconstructed or scarred. Of course, this could cause Morgan to use a mask and hide his identity at first.

Remember, Ava Jerome (Maura West) lurked around town with a mask for quite some time because of her burn scars on GH. So, Morgan Corinthos may skulk around for a couple of months and wait until Halloween. Recently, Nikolas Cassadine did the same thing during his return from the dead. Also, so did Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) years ago. So, it’s a good possibility Morgan could return and now would be an ideal time on General Hospital.

General Hospital: Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig)

Perfect Timing With COVID Restrictions on GH

If Morgan comes back to General Hospital, the timing will be just right. His face may be disfigured or just different – so Morgan Corinthos may wear a mask until he reveals his true identity. That way, he doesn’t come into contact with any of the cast, and he will be Coronavirus-safe. Fans may recall that GH loves to use masks.

There was Ava, and Nik, as well as Robin in disguise in year’s past. Plus, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) had that Patient 6 mask years ago on General Hospital. Now, it fits right into the new protocol the soap must follow due to the pandemic. So, it may be easy to work in a Morgan recast. No doubt, many people would be ecstatic if Morgan turns up alive on GH.

General Hospital: Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)

Possible Morgan Recasts for General Hospital

When fresh GH returns, there are several possibilities of other soap actors that could play Morgan’s character. First, there is Drew Garrett, who played Michael Corinthos in the past. So, that would be perfect if he plays Morgan because he already has experience with the Corinthos fam. Plus, many General Hospital followers want him back. Then, there is Lucas Adams (ex-Tripp Dalton) from Days of our Lives.

Also, another possibility is Casey Moss, known for his role as JJ Deveraux on Days. No doubt, all three actors would do justice to the role of Morgan Corinthos. So, hopefully, the powers that be will bring him back when new scenes return. Be sure not to miss an episode when GH is all-new to see if Morgan Corinthos comes back from the dead looking a bit different on ABC daytime.

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