‘General Hospital’ Bryan Craig Has a Whole New Look – Check out His Before and After Pic

General Hospital fan-favorite Bryan Craig who played Morgan Corinthos on GH is sporting a brand new look due to boredom during COVID-19 quarantine. Check out the before and after photos below to see Bryan’s new style. And, if there’s a chance of his return to the ABC sudser.

General Hospital’s Bryan Craig Goes Bald – Boredom Takes Over

Former General Hospital star Bryan Craig who won fans over with his portrayal of Morgan Corinthos just gave himself a fresh look. Certainly, he’s on lockdown like everyone else due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Recently, his boredom (and malt beverages) got the better of him and he chose to shave his head. The former GH cast member recently said boredom and being “tipsy” were to blame.

Of course, it’s hard to stay busy when time outside of the house is extremely sparse.  got out a little bit for a ride on his scooter. And, that’s when he showed off his newly bald head. Surely, it has General Hospital fans buzzing. Of course, it’ll grow back soon but who knows – he might decide to keep it like that. Or, maybe, he’ll try a new experiment with his hair once it grows back.

General Hospital: Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig)

GH’s Bryan Craig’s New Gig Cancelled

After Bryan Craig left General Hospital to pursue other projects he starred on Grand Hotel. Surely, the soapy nighttime drama had a lot of fans but not quite enough. After one season, ABC chose to cancel rather than renew. No doubt, Bryan Craig was let down but he had an idea the end was near. The drama just didn’t bring in enough ratings.

Now that his time as Javi Mendoza is over GH fans are sure to be hopeful for a Morgan Corinthos comeback. Certainly, viewers didn’t want him to leave in the first place. So, they would be over the moon to see Morgan on their screens again. No doubt, it would shake things up, to say the least. And, there’s a good chance Bryan would welcome a General Hospital return.

General Hospital: Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig)

Possible Return of Morgan Corinthos – Soap Opera Spoilers

The cancellation of Bryan Craig’s primetime show Grand Hotel has fans wondering if Morgan Corinthos may come back from the dead on General Hospital. Surely, the powers that be love to bring characters back from the dead. Remember, Nikolas Cassadine (now Marcus Coloma) just came back after he faked his death for a second time. So, a comeback for Morgan it’s a very good possibility. That is, as long as Bryan Craig is open to it.

Bryan told Soap Dirt in an exclusive interview last year that he was very satisfied with the death of Morgan.

Not too long ago, he came back once as a ghost and he hinted to fans that there might be more to come. So, it certainly seems like he would like to reprise his General Hospital role as Morgan Corinthos. Remember, his body was never found so it would be easy to bring him back. Certainly, it would be a miracle for the Corinthos clan. Follow Bryan Craig on social media to see more of his new look and watch GH daily to see if Morgan Corinthos returns to the ABC drama.

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