Is Morgan Coming Back to ‘General Hospital’ – Bryan Craig Status Update

Viewers want to know if Morgan Corinthos is coming back to General Hospital. Bryan Craig left GH in October 2016 in a fiery blaze as the car he was in went boom. Of course, the ABC soap left plenty of wiggle room to bring back the role, either as a recast or with Bryan Craig. Since then, he’s actually already come back a couple of time, but will we see Morgan back to stay? Here’s the skinny on what’s going on with Morgan Corinthos, portrayer Bryan Craig and why fans are so interested in him all of a sudden.

General Hospital: Morgan Corinthos Grave Visit Triggers Fan Talk

This week on GH, spoilers showed Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) visiting her son’s grave. Morgan Corinthos is central to her marriage with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) as their only biological child. At least until now. Of course, Carly is pregnant right now and that sparks talk about Morgan.

Plus, Sonny and Carly are pregnant again, so they will soon have another biological child. And if it’s a girl or a boy, Morgan would be a perfect name and a tribute to the son they lost. Carly and husband Sonny just visited Morgan Corinthos’ resting place to tell him about the pregnancy on General Hospital, so fan chatter is natural.

Is Bryan Craig Coming Back to GH?

The quick answer to the question of Bryan Craig’s return to General Hospital is probably not. The young actor says he never intended to stay on the ABC soap for long and wanted to use it to launch his career. Sure enough, he won back to back Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series Emmys.

From there, he decides to launch a prime time TV career. First, he went to the ill-fated Valor, a military drama on the CW. Through no fault of Bryan Craig’s, the show flopped and was canceled. Now, his new series Grand Hotel, debuts this month on ABC. Eva Longoria produces the new prime time soap.

It’s no surprise he landed the part. As Tyler Christopher’s (formerly Nikolas Cassadine) ex-wife produces the new drama. Plus, it’s on a network that loves him and they know he can handle soapy material given his Emmy award-winning runs. So, he’s too busy to come back to General Hospital.

Will General Hospital Recast Morgan Corinthos?

When it comes to the role of Morgan Corinthos on GH, a recast seems far more likely than Bryan Craig returning. He seems to be doing well with the launch of another prime time drama plus he’s got a new movie coming out called Women Is Losers, an indie filmed promoted as a “feminist drama”.

Since cops never recovered Morgan Corinthos’ body on General Hospital, of course, there’s plenty of room on the canvas to recast the role. Bryan Craig played the role for three years from 2013-2016 after the SORAS aged him up. The character was born in 2003. Then GH rapid aged him and rolled back his birthdate to 1994.

Now, Carly’s pregnant and the family is thinking about their upcoming child. So, it would be a fine time to bring back Morgan Corinthos. Or they could leave him at peace or just name the new baby after him. Naturally, they could follow the too-often-used soap scheme of resurrecting a presumed dead character. Who knows which way ABC’s GH will go.

For now, Morgan Corinthos is not coming back to General Hospital. Spoilers say no, but stay tuned to Soap Dirt in case things change!