‘General Hospital’ LEAK: Sam Proposes to Jason – JaSam Wobbly after Wedding

General Hospital spoilers hint Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) proposes to her love Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) on GH. However, JaSam may still be doomed, and the marriage may not last on ABC daytime. Here’s the inside scoop we got from a source at the ABC soap.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan at Risk

Currently, GH spoilers suspect Jason Morgan might be at risk because of Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). Remember, Carly may end up a suspect in the death of Nelle Hayes. Of course, Carly did not murder Nelle. Nor did Carly want Nelle to die.

But, General Hospital viewers know Carly feels partly to blame because she hesitated to help Nelle. Soon, the police may get more suspicious of Carly. And, of course, Jason will put Carly before himself and his relationship.

So, Jason may take the fall for Carly to protect her – as always. This drama may freak out Sam McCall and force her to do something drastic, say General Hospital spoilers. Our source says it’s about linking their lives before it’s too late.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) - Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco)

Sam McCall Pops the Question  on GH

Recently, a reliable behind-the-scenes source at General Hospital leaked that Sam McCall may soon propose to Jason. However, it may not be as romantic as JaSam fans hope. Soon, Sam might ask Jason Morgan to marry her to save their relationship.

Perhaps, if Jason ends up in legal trouble, Sam McCall may want to marry him so she can’t testify in court. Per the General Hospital leaker, someone then tries to talk Jason Morgan out of going through with the wedding. But, it looks like Jason ignores the advice and goes along with Sam’s plan anyway.

Reportedly, there’s no elaborate wedding. That fits JaSam’s style and track record – as GH fans know. So, even though Sam and Jason Morgan are madly in love, this marriage might be for convenience. And, the marriage may be over as quickly as it starts, per the General Hospital leak.

General Hospital: Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) - Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco)

JaSam Destined for Heartache on General Hospital?

Surely, it seems Sam McCall and Jason Morgan can’t catch a break on GH. So, while many fans should cheer if the power-couple gets hitched again, it may not be last. Sadly, our General Hospital source predicts the new JaSam marriage may last less than 45 days.

So, Jason and Sam may get the marriage annulled for some reason. Perhaps, Stone Cold may end up doing time to save Carly on General Hospital. Of course, he wouldn’t want Sam McCall to be stuck in the marriage if he’s in prison. Or, they may end the marriage for other reasons.

Or maybe Sam grows tired of Jason Morgan sacrificing their happiness to help Carly. No doubt, if this new JaSam storyline pans out on General Hospital, it will be full of drama and angst. Continue to watch GH each day to see if Sam McCall proposes to Jason Morgan on ABC daytime.

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