‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: JaSam Reunion A Bust – GH Writers Ruin Jason-Sam Storyline?

General Hospital spoilers report a Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) reunion fans are waiting for may be a bust. It has been over a year since Stone Cold dropped through the skylight of Port Charles’ Metro Court hotel. So, what is the holdup? GH writers appear to be ruining what could have been the soap’s best reunion in history!

General Hospital Spoilers: Fans Losing Interest in JaSam

In Fall 2017, Jason busted out of a Russian clinic and dropped into the hearts of many GH fans nationwide. Immediately, controversy arose over Steve Burton’s five year absence. Billy Miller and Steve Burton fans began to squabble over which is the real Jason Morgan. In addition, Sam McCall and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) supporters debated over whom Jason Morgan loved the most. All while, GH spoilers attempted to predict their fates.

General Hospital seems to be all over the place with this storyline since Burton’s return. At first sight, JaSam fans hoped to see Jason’s wife, Sam, embrace him with open arms. Most would have even settled for waiting until the DNA results revealed his true identity. But, now it may be too late because it appears that fans are starting not to care.

Sam McCall Seems Over it

Understandably, Sam McCall learned to move on during the Jason Morgan absence. She’s had multiple relationships including a broken engagement with Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson). She also married Jason’s twin, Drew Cain (Billy Miller) twice and conceived a child with him.

Meanwhile, since Burton’s return, GH fans have been itching for Sam McCall to have an ‘aha’ moment. The man has been yearning to be with her ever since he woke up in Russia! But so far, all of the flirty glances, hand-holding and steamy kisses have resulted in nothing, but a tease.

Sam and Jason Morgan Supporters Dwindle?

According to General Hospital spoilers, Sam McCall and Jason Morgan may be inching their way closer to each other. At the same time, JaSam fans are increasingly frustrated and possibly dwindling away by the droves. If General Hospital writers don’t do something fast, there may be very few left to care.

The chemistry that these two characters share on the screen is hard to deny. Yet, for some reason, GH writers are doing exactly that. Even after taking a trip to find herself, Sam still could not avoid the bright neon signs pointing straight to Jason Morgan.

After over a year, it seems like it’s a now or never moment for Jason Morgan and Sam McCall. If General Hospital writers keep going at this pace, JaSam supporters could be long gone before the reunion. Stay tuned to GH weekdays on ABC.

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