‘Doubling Down with the Derricos’: Deon & Karen Explain Carter’s Name – One Kid With No ‘D’

Doubling Down with the DerricosDeon Derrico and Karen Derrico explained why they named one child without a “D”. All of their children except for one has a “D” for their first name and fans asked why.

Doubling Down with the Derricos: Deon Derrico and Wife Karen Experience Loss

Deon Derrico and his wife Karen are no stranger to loss. But they also have so much to be thankful for with fourteen beautiful children. The Doubling Down with the Derricos family is large, to say the least. But they are missing one family member.

Karen and her husband’s baby, Carter Derrico, is a member of the “Triplens” as they call it. The Triplens are the two surviving babies of the couple’s first group of triplets. And baby Carter is the one that did not survive.

Karen and Doubling Down with the Derricos‘ star Deon said the hospital required a name for the child. Since Carter was born when he died, he was legally required to have a name. And while they were running back and forth from the NICU, they had to come up with the name.

Doubling Down with the Derricos

Karen Derrico and Deon Honor Carter

The main reason TLC’s Deon and his wife didn’t give Carter a D name like the rest of the children is because of confusion. Doubling Down with the Derricos superstar Karen said she didn’t want to talk about her children and have to explain where one of them was. Karen said that people would know immediately that Carter is the baby that passed away.

Not only did Karen want to make sure there was less to explain but the parents wanted to honor Carter. Carter is a name that came from Karen’s side of the family. And this made it where the baby had a little bit from both of them.

Fans of Doubling Down with the Derricos wanted to know why they wouldn’t include their deceased baby in the D names. But now that everyone knows why, they are sending their love and understanding.

Doubling Down with the Derricos: Deon Derrico - Karen Derrico

Doubling Down with the Derricos: Every Child Is Special

Both Karen Derrico and her husband Deon Derrico say that every child is special. And that yes, there is enough love to go around. Many people might think that their family is a little wild, but they insist everyone feels loved.

In fact, when the babies came home from the hospital, Deon from Doubling Down with the Derricos said he loved seeing how the kids showed excitement. Karen and Deon said seeing their children love on their other children is the best thing ever.

The family members are very close-knit despite the size of the family. And it seems like Karen and husband Deon even say that the family size has a lot to do with the closeness.

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