‘Deadliest Catch’ Spoilers: Andy Hillstrand Had COVID During Filming?

Deadliest Catch season 17 just begun, and fans discovered Andy Hillstrand had COVID-19 during the filming. With the Time Bandit now back, what will Johnathan Hillstrand do about a crew?

Deadliest Catch Spoilers: No Andy Hillstrand?

Deadliest Catch fans were ecstatic at the news that the Time Bandit is returning. While fans knew Johnathan Hillstrand was returning, fans were also expecting a complete Hillstrand reunion. While Andy Hillstrand’s status was always up in the air, now fans know for sure that Andy needs to prioritize his health before returning to the Time Bandit.

One of Johnathan Hillstrand’s biggest hurdles when returning with the Time Bandit was getting a crew. His brother, Andy Hillstrand, was his co-captain. Unfortunately, Johnathan Hillstrand admits that Andy had COVID-19 during the filming of the show.

Who will Johnathan Hillstrand get as his co-captain for this next Deadliest Catch season?

Deadliest Catch: Andy Hillstrand - Johnathan Hillstrand

Who Will Johnathan Hillstrand Find as a Replacement?

COVID-19 won’t make Johnathan Hillstrand back down. Andy Hillstrand is focused on recovering. But Johnathan needs to find a co-pilot on Deadliest Catch. Who does he ask other than Josh Harris?

Sure, Josh is busy being the boss of the Cornelia Marie. This is why Josh and Casey McManus needed to talk about it.

However, it didn’t take long for Deadliest Catch fans to see Josh Harris on the Time Bandit! At this point in the season, he’s officially the relief captain until Andy Hillstrand can return.

Will Josh Harris be a good replacement for Andy Hillstrand? Unfortunately, the first catch turned out to be short. Maybe Andy is who the Time Bandit really needs.

Deadliest Catch: Andy Hillstrand

Deadliest Catch: Andy Hillstrand May Not Be the Only One With the Virus

Andy Hillstrand may not be the only cast member on Deadliest Catch to get the coronavirus. On the Summer Bay, “Wild Bill” Wichrowski got concerned over another Nick McGlashan. Nick was lying in his bunk with a fever. Wild Bill tells the rest of the crew to avoid that individual.

Throughout this episode, the Summer Bay crew wears their masks. They keep their boat tied up so Nick can get a COVID-19 test.

“I never felt so weird about somebody not feeling good,” Wild Bill says. That’s because no captain wants to have a sick crew member. There’s a reason Andy isn’t on the Time Bandit. COVID-19 spreads quickly and if all crew members are sick, that means they catch no crabs.

Does Nick McGlashan have COVID-19 on Deadliest Catch? Could the coronavirus spread throughout the Summer Bay? While Nick showed COVID symptoms, such as fever and fatigue, those symptoms could also point to a number of different sicknesses.

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