Deadliest Catch: List of the Deaths So Far

Deadliest Catch shows the dangers of working in the ocean, and that means many of the characters have died. But not all cast members died on the job. Here are some of the most tragic deaths the show has suffered.

Nick McGlashan: Latest Deadliest Catch Death

Nick McGlashan died of an overdose on December 28, 2020.

Following a long family lineage, Nick Glashanwas a 7th generation fisherman. Nick was a star on Deadliest Catch ever since 2013.

Nick McGlashan had extensive knowledge of crab fishing and an incredible sense of humor, even during the most dangerous days out on the sea. But Nick also suffered from drug and alcohol problems.

Mahlon Reyes: Deckhand on Deadliest Catch

Mahlon died of a cocaine overdose in July 2020.

He worked as a deckhand on the Seabrooke and Cape Caution. While he only appeared in 14 episodes, he has been on the show ever since 2012.

Marlon Reyes suffered acute cocaine intoxication which led to a massive heart attack. Unfortunately, he never regained consciousness.

Joe McMahon: Associate Producer of Deadliest Catch

Joe McMahon died of gunshot wounds in July 2015.

Joe McMahon, an associate producer for The Deadliest Catch, suffered multiple gunshots at the hands of his killer. Reports state Joe walked outside of the house to investigate a noise.

Joe’s killer later committed suicide by gunshot. It’s suspected he killed himself in his car shortly after shooting Joe.

Deadliest Catch: Blake Painter

Blake Painter: Deadliest Catch Captain Death

Blake Painter’s official cause of death was never released. However, there was drug paraphernalia near his body.

Blake was a former captain on Deadliest Catch and was the youngest skipper on the Maverick boat in 2006. A concerned friend discovered Blake Painter’s body. He visited his home and started looking through the windows, where he found Blake lying down in his living room.

Justin Tennison: Deckhand on the Time Bandit

Justin Tennison died of sleep apnea-related complications in 2011.

Justin is best known for his role as a deckhand on the Time Bandit. He worked hard and gained respect from his crewmembers. Justin died in a hotel room in Alaska, only four days after returning from the sea.

Tony Lara: Deadliest Catch Captain of the Cornelia Marie

Tony Lara died of a heart attack in August 2015.

Even though Tony Lara was the former captain of the Cornelia Marie, he only appeared in six episodes of Deadliest Catch.

Tony was a crabbing veteran and worked on the ship for 10 years throughout the 1990s. He was best known for his reliability and his knowledge of crabbing.

Deadliest Catch: Phil Harris

Phil Harris: Captain Died While Unloading Crabs

Phil Harris died of a stroke in 2010. He was the captain of the Cornelia Marie.

Phil suffered a stroke while unloading crabs in Alaska. Following the event, he was immediately transported to a hospital in Anchorage where he underwent surgery.

Phil Harris died 10 days later after being in a medically-induced coma.

Keith Anderson: Father of a Deadliest Catch Star

Keith Anderson died by homicide. Unfortunately, we still don’t know who his killer is.

While Keith technically wasn’t a Deadliest Catch star, his son, Jake Anderson, is. Jake Anderson is a deckhand for the vessel Northwestern. All Deadliest Catch fans can recall the moment Jake discovered his father went missing in 2010.

A hiker found Keith Anderson’s skeletal remains in Washington state. Medical examiners identified the remains as Keith’s.

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