‘Days of our Lives’ News: Freddie Smith & Chandler Massey Fired – No More Sonny & Will

Days of our Lives news says Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey were let go from DOOL. So, Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton exit this Fall. See when WilSon exits. And whether there’s hope for Will and Sonny to return to the NBC sudser.

Days of our Lives Firing – Freddie Smith Confirms He and Chandler Massey Are Out

Today, half of the DOOL power couple WilSon, Freddie Smith, delivered bad news to fans. He said he felt like “everyone’s going to be so shocked” and then revealed that he and Chandler Massey are done at Days of our Lives.

Freddie Smith said: “Chandler and I were released from our contracts. So, we will not be filming any more episodes after this week.” Then he said depending on the shooting schedule, it may extend a bit longer. But, the bottom line is Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith are done at DOOL.

Also, Freddie said after the big nine-week Days of our Lives hiatus, he and Chandler  Massey came back with the rest of the cast to resume shooting. DOOL slated them for just six episodes. And Freddie Smith said the soap signed no contracts at that point. Not his, Chandler Massey’s or any of the cast.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) - Will Horton (Chandler Massey)

DOOL Casting Stunner – Sonny Kiriakis Actor Wanted to “Rip the Band-Aid Off”

In this Days of our Lives casting shocker, Freddie Smith said: “Chandler and I were trying to figure out if we were the only ones coming back for six episodes”. So, they asked around and found out everyone was back for six. So, he says they thought they were NOT being written off.

But, then new Days of our Lives scripts came with the latest scenes for Sonny Kiriakis and husband Will Horton. And, Freddie said that’s when things started to look bad. But, he said he and Chandler Massey doubted they’d be let go from the NBC soap.

Freddie Smith then confirmed that Days of our Lives cut them and they won’t get contracts. He called it a “huge shock” and said he and Chandler were on “an emotional rollercoaster” since they found out last week. And he wanted to rip off the Band-Aid himself by telling fans personally.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) - Will Horton (Chandler Massey) - Evan Frears (Brock Kelly)

Freddie & Chandler Wanted to Stay as Sonny and Will on Leave Days of our Lives

So, the Sonny Kirakias actor made clear that it “wasn’t our choice”. In fact, Freddie Smith says they “wanted to stay on and renew”. Also, the actor said he doesn’t know if he could ever “have walked away voluntarily” from Days of our Lives. Because, he feels accountable to the fans.

Freddie also talked about Will Horton and husband Sonny Kiriakis’ journey. He said: “WilSon became something that’s in stone forever as this couple – as this same-sex couple”. Freddie Smith added that Days of our Lives “told an amazing storyline” when it wasn’t “mainstream”.

He went on to say that he’s “happy to be a part of it”. And, Freddie knows that his part in the Sonny Kiriakis same-sex love story with Will Horton will “go down in history”. Then, the soap actor thanked Days of our Lives fans and said they mean the world to him.

When Is WilSon’s Done on Days of our Lives – Say Goodbye to Sonny Kiriakis & Will Horton

So, with Freddie Smith confirming that he and Chandler Massey were axed, when and how does it happen? Will Sonny Kiriakis leaves town with Will Horton? Freddie addressed all that. He said: “I can’t give you the answer”. So, does DOOL kill them off and do they go together or separate?

While Freddie wouldn’t spill how Will Horton or Sonny Kiriakis exit Days of our Lives. He did give their last airdate. Freddie Smith says, “Our last day is gonna be September 18, 2020”. He said that’s the “last episode WilSon airs”.

So, is their Days of our Lives exit final? Well… it is Days so… Freddie Smith said, “No matter what happens, there’s ways for people to come back”. Then he added that he “doesn’t think the door’s closed” for his return as Sonny or Chandler Massey’s return as Will.

But, he also said he didn’t want to give fans a “false sense of hope” because it “feels definite” as they exit. Freddie Smith said it “doesn’t feel real yet” and that he and Chandler Massey are “still processing”. So, check back for updates on Sonny Kiriakis and partner Will Horton’s exit.

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