Here’s Why Will Horton’s in Prison on ‘Days of Our Lives’

Fans want to know why Will Horton‘s in prison Days of Our Lives. Spoilers say Chandler Massey’s character is responsible for someone’s death and that is why he’s behind bars, bunking with Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson). That whole prison scene on Monday’s DOOL was a well done shocker. Because it wasn’t until the last bit of the episode that you saw who Ben was talking to – and there’s Will Horton. Of course, it makes zero sense for him to be in jail. But here’s why he’s locked up – and what’s next for him on the NBC sudser.

Why Was Will Horton Sent to Prison on Days of Our Lives – Spoilers Say It’s Tied to Major Death

There’s several deaths revealed in recent DOOL spoilers, thanks to the time jump. And one of these is blamed on Will Horton. So far, we know Jordan Ridgeway’s (Chrishell Stause Hartley) dead, strangled by a scarf. And we know that Haley Chen’s (Thia Megia) met her maker, but details on that haven’t come out on Days of Our Lives.

No doubt, it wasn’t Ben or Will Horton that killed Jordan. And it’s hard to imagine that after his serial killer ordeal that Will could choke anyone. As for Haley, Days of Our Lives spoilers say how she died soon. But it doesn’t seem Will Horton’s involved in that death either. So, who died that sent him to rot behind bars last year in Salem? It wasn’t ne of those women – but one more woman’s dead, say Days of Our Lives spoilers.

How Does a Man Wind up With His Former Killer as a Cell Mate – Will and Ben Bond Behind Bars

The other laughable twist with Will Horton in prison on Days of Our Lives was the reveal that Ben’s his cellie. Only on DOOL would they put a serial killer and one of his victims in the same cell. Remember – Ben definitely killed Will. But since it’s DOOL, he resurrected. But still, you have to wonder if he sleeps with one eye open worried about a relapse. That’s just classic Days of Our Lives twisted stuff.

However, given how Ben opened up to his prison pal, it seems he and Will are on good terms. And Will Horton was just chilling in his bunk reading, not worried or scared. So, Will Horton seems confident that Ben won’t backslide, per Days of Our Lives spoilers. Surely, the warden makes sure the necktie killer keeps getting his mental meds behind bars…

Adrienne Kiriakis Dead – That’s Why Will Horton’s in Prison

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Adrienne Kiriakis (Judi Evans) died in the one year gap, too. That explains why Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) is coupled with Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans). So, after the double wedding, Jen went into a coma and along the way, Adrienne died and Will Horton was blamed. So, that’s why he’s in jail. But there’s lots more details to come on DOOL. And his husband Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) is sniffing around a new guy, so maybe Sonny blames him too.

So, Adrienne’s dead and Will Horton’s imprisoned for it, Days of Our Lives spoilers tell us. Perhaps they were working on a story for the Spectator together and she died and he was there and implicated. Wait to see all the whys and specifics. But what you need to know about why Will Horton’s in jail is that he’s blamed for the death of Adrienne. So, we’ll see how long the NBC soap leaves Ben and Will Horton behind bars now that time leaped forward.

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