‘Days of Our Lives’: Freddie Smith Said Fake News Scared Actors – Says 5 More Years of ‘DOOL’ Planned

Recently, a barrage of Days of Our Lives cancellation fake news stories spread like wildfire. Now, Sonny Kiriakis actor Freddie Smith posted a video update about how these misinformed stories hurt the actors on the NBC soap. And he shared some backstage details on long-term plans for DOOL. It’s all good news it seems. Check it out.

Days of Our Lives Not Canceled – But Fake News Scared the Actors – Says Freddie Smith

In a recent video chat, DOOL‘s Sonny Kiriakis, AKA Freddie Smith, talked about the fallout from misreporting about the annual actor hiatus. He also shared how the falsely reported “news” freaked out himself and fellow actors. Here’s what he said and why his word should reassure Days of Our Lives fans.

Freddie Smith said that in July, the soap notified the actors that their usual winter break would last a little longer and would be roughly two months this year. He said all of their contracts usually end in late November. Then, Days of Our Lives takes a break. And then, contracts set a start date for the new year when they begin filming. He also said that the day before Thanksgiving should be their last day of shooting for the year. Then, Freddie Smith confirmed he wrapped for 2019 on November 26.

However, the Sonny Kiriakis player said the longer hiatus was because they shot more episodes faster than usual. So, all the Days of Our Lives cast members were excited about getting a longer holiday break and had no concerns. Then TMZ and other sites misreported things and startled them. Apparently, these false reports scared fans and the DOOL actors too. Beause everything is fine and the show was renewed, as usual – and as expected.

Sonny Kiriakis Portrayer: Misinformed Sites Reported DOOL Business-as-Usual as a False Red Flag

Days of Our Lives news feeds filled with junk articles from sites who don’t know anything about soaps. And they particularly didn’t know how the NBC sudser works. So, Freddie Smith said that because of all the fake cancellation reports, the actors began to panic and wondered if there was something they didn’t know.

Freddie said he messaged with other actors including Gabi Hernandez portrayer Camila Banus to reassure each other that everything was fine and this was just the tabloid fake news machine misreporting things they didn’t understand about Days of Our Lives.

And of course many fans know that Camila went on a rant (see below) specifically calling out TMZ for knowing nothing about how their soap works and for falsely reporting the cancellation. But the tabloid site wasn’t the only one reporting the news. Even major news outlets that usually don’t cover soaps picked it up and reported fiction as fact.

Now, Days of Our Lives‘ very own Sonny Kiriakis is offering some behind the scenes tidbits on what went down.

Days of Our Lives Long-Term Renewal Plans – 5 More Years in Salem!

Of course, the NBC show was renewed, as expected and those reporting the DOOL cancellation look like ill-informed idiots. In fact, TMZ doubled down and posted a set of photos about “remembering” the cast as if they were leaving. Ron Carlivati himself mocked the tabloid over that piece – and the site didn’t even get character names correct because they’re dipping their toes into something they clearly don’t understand.

Then, Freddie Smith shared that producer Ken Corday came to set to talk to everyone. According to the actor, Corday talked about “how much the show means to him”. But then the producer said “there’s going to be a day it will come to an end” and worried the actors – but just for a moment. Because, then Corday acknowledged the milestone season 55 renewal. And that’s when the Days of Our Lives producer shared really great news that should reassure fans.

Freddie Smith reports that Ken Corday said he hopes “to get them to at least 60 years”. And that he’s “very optimistic”. So, not only was it bad reporting about DOOL getting canceled, it seems NBC’s goal is to keep the soap at least five more years. And Freddie said passion from the fans is really important and said that fan involvement is key to their culture at the soap.

Now, Days wraps soon for 2019 but ignore any doom and gloom reports about it not coming back. In fact, the actor who portrays Sonny Kiriakis, Freddie Smith, said they resume shooting between the weeks of January 13-20 and are excited to film their 14,000th episode very soon.

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