‘Days of Our Lives’ Camila Banus Rages Over Fake News DOOL Cancellation Lies

Days of Our Lives actress Camila Banus went full “Gabi Hernandez” last night and cursed out all the sites falsely reporting DOOL‘s cancellation. If you didn’t hear the news, there was an explosion of fan reaction when TMZ and other sites reported the headlines that the entire cast was let go and saying the beloved soap might be canceled. This prompted other sites to pick it up and report it like fact, upsetting fans. Now, Camila set the news straight and channeled her Days alter-ego to put some fire into her message. Here’s what she had to say.

Camila Banus Calls Out Fake News That Said Days of Our Lives Cancelled – Slams TMZ

The Gabi Hernandez portrayer said “let me clear this up for everybody”. She said “all these articles with headlines saying our show’s being axed is BS, fake bullsh*t”. Camila continued with “I have not been fired – none of my costars have been fired”. She said TMZ and these sites reported “fake false news” and called them shameful. Then she backed up and offered some detail.

She said it’s slanderous and false and Camila added they always take a hiatus. But this year, she said they are “so ahead” with episodes, they are taking it earlier than usual. Then she said to relax and said the fake Days of Our Lives cancellation articles “need to stop”. Then, the actress quipped: “Your girl gonna turn into Gabi DiMera and she gonna have to clear some sh*t up”. And then she did – in epic fashion.

Why is TMZ Covering Soaps When They Don’t Seem to Know Anything About Them?

Usually, TMZ sticks to celebrity DUIs and divorces, but for some reason decided to wade into the waters of soap reporting this week – with no clue about anything, it seems, according to Camila Banus. A quick glance shows they have never done a legit soap news story aside from actors getting arrested, divorced or having plastic surgery. They don’t know the fandom, they don’t know the show, and they don’t seem to know about the annual shooting hiatus…

Camila Banus ranted “You’re gonna tell me that TMZ has ever reported on Days of Our Lives? And then the one time they want to report, it’s bullsh*t. Come on. Just don’t talk about us at all”. The Gabi Hernandez actress said her phone was blowing up. On her drive home, news outlets kept calling. So, she went live to clarify. Then, she called it garbage, then basura. And Camila then offered the message in Spanish and told fans bilingually that Days of Our Lives is not cancelled.

You can watch Camila Banus bring her Gabi Hernandez DiMera vibe to this fiery clap back on “fake news” saying DOOL is cancelled (see below). In fact, it’s usually January when the show’s renewal is announced and there is no reason to think it won’t be. The show’s ratings are up, fans are energized with this crazy time jump. Plus, the ratings aren’t even out yet for the fast forward and they may spike Days of Our Lives above General Hospital again.

Days of Our Lives Not Cancelled – Queen Camila Banus Drags Liars

Then, she said “TMZ reports that all actors were released from contract” and exploded with “what the heck?” Then she said she appreciates fans and said it’s crazy that people want to make something out of nothing. As for all the soap sites that reported it, they should know better, right? The annual shooting hiatus at Days of Our Lives is standard and expected. There is some chatter that the soap planned a longer than usual hiatus that we reported as good news, not bad…

There was a rumor at the time that Ron Carlivati would shorten the tape to air gap. But that may have just been idle chatter, although it came from the ever-reliable Jason 47. Camila Banus said, it’s their “regular break” and not to “catch up”. So it’s not clear if there will be a shortening of the filming to airdate span, but either way – Days of Our Lives cancellation rumors are ugly and inaccurate. However, new stories keep pouring out quoting TMZ’s “report”, so this won’t die down quickly.

As for rumors on Days of Our Lives renewal, an inside source said that renewal is pretty much a done deal. Plus, the actors knew about the longer hiatus. The facts are this: no one’s fired, surprised, blindsided, or out at the soap. Two inaccurate stories made the rounds. Then, other outlets re-churned them as fact. So, wait to see if NBC puts out any official denials to quell the firestorm. But it looks like Camila Banus took care of it herself – well done!

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