Why is Will Horton in Jail on ‘Days of Our Lives’ – What Did He Do to Adrienne?

One of the big mysteries still lingering is why Will Horton‘s in jail on Days of Our Lives. Spoilers know it’s been a minute since the time jump on DOOL. Yet there are no specifics on why Chandler Massey’s character is behind bars. It’s not clear yet to viewers what he did to Adrienne Kiriakis (Judi Evans). All that’s been mentioned is a car accident. Take a look at why Will Horton’s behind bars and what’s next for the NBC soap.

Why is Will Horton in Prison on Days of Our Lives?

There were lots of surprises in store for DOOL watchers with the one-year fast forward. But one of the biggest was that Will Horton was rotting in a prison cell alongside the man who once killed him. Clearly, Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) never imagined he’d be in jail alongside one of his necktie killer victims. And you can bet Will never envisioned that either.

Yet, the brand new scenes post-time jump devoted an entire episode to Ben spilling his guts to his cellie, remind Days of Our Lives spoilers. Then, at the end of that episode, Ben protested his innocence and said he shouldn’t be in jail. As for Will, he clapped back confirming his personal guilt for his actions. But what did Will Horton do exactly, ask Days of Our Lives spoilers?

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DOOL Spoilers: Will Caused Adrienne’s Death

Days of Our Lives spoilers leak the explanation behind Adrienne’s untimely death in dribs and drabs. At first, we found out Will Horton was in jail. Then, we found out he’s sentenced for Adrienne dying. Finally, we learned it was a car crash that took Adrienne’s life. That means Will Horton might have been driving her, hint Days of Our Lives spoilers. Clearly, though, he did something to trigger his imprisonment.

Given that Will Horton worked for Adrienne at the Salem Spectator, it begs the question of whether they were working together when she died. For now, though, it’s obvious that Will Horton “killing” Adrienne ruined his life. Because, Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) can’t get over it, Days of Our Lives spoilers tell us. But on the plus side, he sure got buff in prison and has new shirtless scenes soon…

Days of Our Lives: More to Come on Adrienne Death and Will’s Role in It

Certainly, DOOL spoilers have more to spill about how exactly Adrienne died. And also why Will Horton’s taking the blame. Because, his mom Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) insisted it was an accident and he didn’t mean for it to happen. So, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Will Horton did nothing malicious to cause Adrienne’s tragic passing.

However, the Salem court certainly thought he deserved time behind bars for the car crash that killed Adrienne. It also seems unlikely that he would drive drunk and hurt her. But obviously, Will’s involvement in Adrienne’s passing was serious enough for a judge to send him to prison. So, keep watching as DOOL sees this sad tale unfold on the NBC sudsfest.

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