Dance Moms Spoilers: Abby Gets a New Maddie – Meet Brady Farrar

Dance Moms spoilers show Abby Lee Miller is not letting her condition from doing what she does best. The ALDC founder is all set for her major comeback in Dance Moms: Resurrection and it’s looking good already. She has a new star, Brady Farrar, that looks like will be just as good as Maddie Ziegler.

In the first official trailer of the hit Lifetime dance show, Abby Lee Miller opens up about her tough battle with cancer. Plus, the 52-year-old choreographer teases fans with her brand new team of dancers. Did she finally find the new Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms?

Dance Moms spoilers: Abby Lee Miller Returns In Resurrection

Dance Moms spoilers reveal Abby Lee Miller is ready to dominate the dance world once again in her bid to find the best dancers in the country. The Dance Moms star is returning for a brand new season of the show after ditching it in 2017.

The veteran dancer, who is currently wheelchair-bound, defies all odds by going back to the dance floor amid her life-changing struggles. Abby was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after undergoing an emergency back surgery.

Add to that her serving a sentence for one year and one day after being charged with bankruptcy fraud. All that seems to make the show’s new title, Dance Moms: Resurrection, more fitting for Abby.

Abby Opens Up About Cancer – How Will It Affect Dance Moms?

With Abby Lee Miller being wheelchair-bound and still in the process of re-learning how to walk, many are wondering how it’ll affect Dance Moms. The physical challenges and pressure of coaching aspiring dancers will definitely bring challenges to the veteran trainer.

While it’s true that Abby Lee Miller is already taking necessary therapy and treatment to regain her mobility, it might still take a while before we see any progress. Dance Moms spoilers say ALDC’s long-time choreographer Gianna Martello will also make a comeback, making it easier for Abby to give out instructions from the sideline.

A Star Is Born – Fans Think Brady Farrar Is The New Maddie Ziegler

Meanwhile, new members of ALDC were unveiled recently and one particular dancer stands out from the rest. Brady Farrar, 14, is making quite a buzz even before Dance Moms: Resurrection officially starts.

The Miami-born native is already labeled as the next Maddie Ziegler of the show. Apparently, Brady Farrar reminds fans of a young Maddie who joined the team in 2011.

In a previous post by Abby Lee Miller, Brady takes center stage during the team’s debut performance. Brady Farrar gracefully dances along with the rest of ALDC to the tune of “Broken Heart.”

Many believe that Brady’s dance moves and star appeal are strikingly similar to that of Maddie Ziegler. The former Dance Moms mentee used to play important roles on several performances, instantly making her a crowd-favorite.

Dance Moms: Who Is Brady Farrar?

Dance Moms fanatics are now growing increasingly curious about Abby Lee Miller’s new dancer, Brady Farrar. Soap Dirt did a little research about the new dance prodigy of ALDC and here’s what we know so far.

Brady Farrar, born January 19, 2005, has been passionate about dance since he was 5. His parents and two brothers are very supportive of his career ever since he decided to dance full-time.

Dance Moms spoilers report Brady Farrar has trained at Stars Dance Studio in Miami, Florida and already performed at the Lincoln Center, the Ellen Show, and Dancing With The Stars. Brady also boasts several awards under his belt, including Young Male Dancer of the Year at the American Dance Awards in 2014, Mini Male Best Dancer of the Year at The Dance Awards in 2014, and a gold medal at the 2016 Youth America Grand Prix.

Catch more of Brady Farrar and Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms: Resurrection as it premieres in June on Lifetime.

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