Dance Moms Spoilers: Abby Lee Miller Says “Screaming at Children” Will Heal Her and ALDC

Dance Moms Resurrection spoilers reveal Abby Lee Miller is back baby. She says “screaming at children” is what she needs. For those that thought prison or near-fatal cancer could stop this dance diva, think again.

The new season of the Lifetime show is all about her and ALDC fighting their way back. Of course, viewers know Abby Lee Miller was diagnosed with rare Burkitt lymphoma. So, she admits that her life changed instantly with those words. Spoilers promise Abby won’t let anything stop her as she heads back to her old ALDC stomping grounds in the new season.

Dance Moms Resurrection Spoilers: Abby Lee Miller Back From the Brink of Death

In the Lifetime Dance Moms spoilers, it shows the heartbreaking story of Abby’s diagnosis with cancer just as she got out of prison. After that, she wanted a fresh start – and that’s what she got –  but not in the way she ever expected. The video shows her medical journey with her Burkitt lymphoma. It is an aggressive and rare cancer. So, it threatened her life – and it’s especially rare on the spinal cord.

The new season of the show will chronicle her illness and treatment plus her struggle to relearn to walk. After nearly dying, she’s ready to get back to living as the Dance Moms Resurrection trailer shows. That means taking control of her lives and new students at ALDC in Pittsburgh.

Abby Lee Miller Revives ALDC

The Dance Moms star reveals that she wants to get back to “screaming at children” because that is her roots. Even though she’s stuck in a wheelchair, she wants to be able to teach dance again. But then, Abby Lee Miller wants back in the studio again.

Her doctors say they believe that Abby has the determination she needs to succeed. She is in control of her destiny. This season has a new crop of dance hopefuls and eager moms. And it doesn’t sound like her life and death battle has mellowed her at all.

Abby Lee Miller and ALDC – Not Dead

Dance Moms spoilers show Abby Lee rolling into the studio to tell the dancers that they have to fight too. She tells them “you have to fight to be a champion”. Because Abby admits that people started to count her out, she said that she was not finished.

She thinks haters thought no way could she return. Still, Abby says others “considered ALDC dead”. Because the new season is themed Resurrection, it is clear that her dance company is not dead – and neither is she. So now, she is back doing what she loves.

The Dance Moms spoilers also reveal Abby Lee Miller has lots of personal goals for herself. And many for the new ALDC team. So, she plans to dominate the competitions this season. She wants a major comeback and says her statement will be on stage. Abby Lee Miller said to let everyone know that ALDC is back and that they should “watch out!”.

So, be sure to watch the new season of Dance Moms Resurrection starting this June on Lifetime.

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