‘Dance Moms’: Abby Lee Miller’s Strength Improves Amidst Wheelchair Troubles

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller showed off her improved strength in her legs online. Abby has been working towards walking again. But, in the meantime, she still relies on a wheelchair to get her from one place to another. In a social media rant, Abby is upset that her wheelchair isn’t safe to ride and the wheelchair company is not helping her.

Dance Moms: Abby Lee Miller Deals With Rough Times

Abby Lee Miller has been dealing with a lot these past few years. Back in 2017, Abby pled guilty to bankruptcy fraud. Abby spent almost a year in federal prison. However, the Dance Moms celebrity didn’t serve the full sentencing. Though her freedom was once again in jeopardy upon her release. With her time in prison in the past, Abby had to deal with another challenge.

Shortly after her release, the Dance Moms alum found herself in the hospital. Since she was dealing with Burkitt Lymphoma cancer. This left Abby in bed and paralyzed while she recovered. Not only did Abby have to overcome cancer, but she also has to regain her muscles. In hopes that one day she will be able to walk again.

Dance Moms: Abby Lee Miller

ALDC Owner Abby Lee Bounces Back From Cancer

Since recovering from cancer, Abby Lee Miller has been keeping Dance Moms fans updated on her progress. She has been sharing her improvements on her Instagram account. Abby continues to get physical therapy to help regain her strength. Especially in her legs. So, she can start learning how to walk on her own again.

The Dance Moms reality star hoped that with the new year beginning she will be able to reach her goal of walking. Abby Lee Miller recently shared a video of herself showing off how far she has come from regaining the muscles in her legs. She admitted in the video that she is trying not to use her arms to lift herself up. But, only use the muscles in her leg. Abby is now one step closer to achieving her goal.

Dance Moms Celeb Given Unsafe Wheelchair

Until Abby Lee Miller is able to fully walk on her own she still has to rely on a wheelchair to get around. Recently, she showed off an unsafe motor wheelchair that she was given by a company. In the video she posted, she explained all the safety hazards that the powered wheelchair has. In her post she asked the company if they really wanted her to ride in a powered wheelchair that wasn’t safe.

The Dance Moms cast member said that the company that helped her get the wheelchair had already sent her insurance company a bill for $110,000. Abby Lee Miller wondered what happened to the inspection of the wheelchair. She also questioned in the caption where the parts the company said would send her are. She is definitely not happy. Especially since this wheelchair is very important to her livelihood.

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