‘Dance Moms’ Alum Maddie Ziegler Shuns Cancer Ridden Abby Lee Miller

Maddie Ziegler has already added a lot to her impressive resume, but she will always be known as that young dancer from Dance Moms. Although Abby Lee Miller helped her catapult to stardom, the 15-year-old clearly wants nothing to do with her former mentor.

Abby is currently facing her toughest battle yet with cancer. The Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) teacher suffers from Burkitt lymphoma. It is a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is cancer that develops in the lymphatic system.

Abby Lee Miller Tries To Win Life Back From Cancer

Dance Moms stars and ALDC members Jojo Siwa and Elliana Walmsley are Abby’s avid visitors in the hospital. However,  Maddie Ziegler has never stepped foot in the cancer sanatorium. She had been avoiding Abby after she and her younger sister, Mackenzie, left the show in season 6.

It was only a matter of time when the young dancer became one of the most sought-after stars of her generation. Now that her career is taking off, Maddie does not need anything negative to pull her down.

Maddie Ziegler Wants Nothing To Do With Abby

Since Dance Moms and Abby Lee Miller is always linked to Maddie’s name, she had tried her best not to say much about the show and mostly about her former mentor. Unfortunately for her, she can’t seem to get away from all the questions about the terror dance teacher. Abby’s former star pupil was then left with no choice but to answer some queries as politely as she could.

It’s no secret that the 51-year-old dance teacher and choreographer is the one who paved the way for Maddie Ziegler to reach her goal. However, Abby had dealt with a lot of bad press after her infamous fraud and money laundering cases.

Dance Moms Alum Unhappy With Connection With Former Mentor

With these negativities surrounding the Dance Moms teacher, Maddie is possibly trying to save her career from being tarnished by pulling herself out of Abby’s mess. As a result, she lost contact with her former dance teacher and still hasn’t visited her in the hospital.

Maddie previously revealed in an interview that she and Abby don’t talk anymore. When asked whether she was surprised by her mentor’s shocking legal battles at the time, the former Dance Moms star just simply replied, “I don’t really think I have anything to say about her.” Many believed that even though Maddie had already moved on, she should at least visit Abby.

Maddie Officially Moves On From Lifetime Show And Abby

It can be recalled that Maddie Ziegler and Abby Lee Miller used to be close. However, their teacher-student relationship suddenly changed when the teen decided to quit Dance Moms. Maddie and Mackenzie left the Lifetime show to focus on their solo careers outside the series.

Now, Maddie Ziegler has noted that she is a lot happier after leaving the reality dance television series even though the hit show helped her a lot in her career. The teen has since expanded her brand and is now one of the most promising stars in Hollywood.

ALDC Mentor’s Health Allegedly Declining

The Dance Moms star then took to Instagram and posted a snap taking a much-needed rest at the hospital. Abby was laying on a pillow with the statement that she’s famously known for: Save your tears for the pillow. She then captioned the post: “Practice what you preach!”

Despite being known for her tough teaching and gaining a lot of enemies because of that, Abby Lee Miller still received a lot of get-well wishes from fans, critics, and some of the cast of Dance Moms. Although reports claim that her recovery might be bleak, Abby’s Instagram is still filled with positive posts.