‘Counting On’: TLC Pushing Duggar Girls to Clean-Up Their Pics?

Counting On fans noticed that many of the Duggar ladies’ social media pictures are changing. It started happening right before the premiere of the newest season. This leads some of the people to believe that TLC wants them to clean up their social presence and look a little more polished.

Counting On: Is Social Media Spoiling the Show?

Fans of Counting On are fussing over curated professional looking content. They especially called out Jinger Duggar and said her content doesn’t look real anymore. They asked her to please bring back the normal photos of her family.

There is a buzz going around that TLC is making the Duggars of Counting On post certain photos. And it looks like the photos they want going out are higher quality. One fan say it looks like a photographer is following them around and that the photos are staged.


Counting On: Jinger Duggar - Jeremy Vuolo - Anna Duggar

Some fans even say they noticed that Jinger’s social and her husband Counting On‘s Jeremy Vuolo’s social accounts are posting at the same time. This leads people to think that someone else is managing them. But that would go along with Jeremy’s claim that Jinger manages his social to keep him pure. Other people think that the network might be upset because their social sharing is ruining the show.

Counting On: Jana Duggar - Josiah Duggar - Lauren Duggar

The New Season of ‘Counting On’ Goes Behind the Scenes

Some long time Counting On viewers are complaining that the new season of the show isn’t telling anything new. The truth is that we’re only two episodes in and there could be more that we don’t know. What most people see as value for watching it is getting to see behind the scenes. And not to see what they already know.

Counting On lovers don’t care so much about shocking news. They more care about seeing what took place behind the scenes instead of just through a few photos online.

TLC Already Two Episodes In

In the new Counting On season, hopefully TLC will give viewers exactly what they want.

The first two episodes are already showing some interesting things like Jana shopping on Rodeo Drive with Jinger. And everyone knows that’s just the beginning since TLC knows how to put on a great show.

Counting On continues to entertain and Soap Dirt will keep you in the loop.