‘Counting On’: Fans Think Jeremy Vuolo Is Cheating on Jinger Duggar

Counting On‘s Jeremy Vuolo is under fire. In fact, fans say they believe he is cheating on Jinger Duggar. We know he’s said that Jeremy has trouble with his thoughts.

Jeremy Vuolo claims that Jinger manages his social media, but fans wonder if he expects people to believe Jinger really followed some of the women on Jeremy’s account.

Counting On: Is Jeremy Vuolo a Cheater?

Everything points to Jeremy Vuolo and his wife Jinger Duggar of Counting On having the perfect marriage. Even throughout the quarantine, they seem to be getting along great. They have their new podcast and are giving lots of advice on how to live life as a Christian couple.

Counting On: Jinger Duggar - Jeremy Vuolo

Counting On followers are in an uproar and are worrying about Jinger Duggar right now. They think that Jeremy Vuolo is cheating on Jinger because he’s following two specific young women on Instagram. The reason fans are blasting Jeremy is because he claims Jinger controls his Instagram page. The Counting On husband says he does this so he won’t be tempted to cheat.

Fans don’t believe that Jinger would follow these two women that appear to be twins. There doesn’t seem to be a family connection or a professional connection. And only Jeremy is following their accounts—not Jinger. The women are also from a place around the globe where Jeremy used to live.

Say It’s Not So

Fans are in love with the idea of Jinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo. Their marriage took place in November of 2016 and fans of Counting On can’t take their eyes off them. They look like the cutest couple and seem very in love. But some people just aren’t buying it.

Many viewers that Watch Counting On that airs on TLC Tuesday nights at 8 pm say something doesn’t add up. There are a lot of accusations about things in his past, but until now, there wasn’t anything that might be an actual sign that he’s looking at other women online. Every other attractive woman he’s following is either a family friend or someone Jeremy and his wife both know.

Even though Jeremy Vuolo is following these women, there is nothing concrete to say he’s cheating. But, fans keep finding out more interesting details.  The women are from Oulo Finland, and Jeremy Vuolo use to play professional soccer for the AC Oulu team. It’s Finland’s top soccer league.


Do ‘Counting On’ Fans Think Jeremy Is a Fraud?

The marriage of Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar was confusing for long-time watchers of television series Counting On. He has a very secular background and enjoys some interesting reads.

Jeremy already openly told the public that he has to tell Jinger Duggar from Counting On when he has impure thoughts. When he tells her about them, then she is to pray about them so they go away. It doesn’t seem to be working well for the couple.

When Jeremy Vuolo was a minister at a church for two years, he had a difficult time being single. This has some fans wondering if he really had his first kiss with Jinger or if someone else got to him first.

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