‘Counting On’: Jim Bob Duggar Shows off Mid-Life Crisis Ride

Counting On‘s Jim Bob Duggar has a new toy. And fans think it is the perfect mid-life crisis ride. In fact, he even took his fancy new wheels in a parade recently.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar in the Time of COVID

People that kept up with the Duggars in real-time gave Jim Bob Duggar and some of the family a hard time. The reason fans of Counting On were upset was due to a lack of social distancing. In fact, during COVID-19, they had a big family gathering with Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and her husband, Austin Forsyth. Fans were upset about this because of Joy-Anna’s high-risk pregnancy.

During this season of TLC’s Counting On, the family shows themselves doing social distancing. In fact, they were going as far as going to watch babies walk through windows and dropping of masks to each other. Critics of Jim Bob and his family don’t buy their quarantine episodes. But otherwise, it seems like this season is going smoothly for the family.

It doesn’t look like any of Counting On star Jim Bob Duggar’s businesses are suffering from the pandemic. In fact, it seems like things are going well. Jim Bob even has a new toy that he’s having a lot of fun with. And fans think it’s pretty over-the-top and looks like fun.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar

Jim Bob Takes Michelle Duggar for a Ride

Jim Bob Duggar said that one of the Counting On boys recently traded their vehicle. When they traded the vehicle, they got a three-wheeled sports car. It’s about a thirty thousand dollar vehicle, and it looks like Jim Bob is enjoying the convertible.

As a matter of fact, he took Michelle Duggar of Counting On out for a ride. And they even went by their son John David Duggar’s trailer to wish his wife Abbie Duggar a happy birthday. They tied balloons on their vehicles and honked.

Michelle looked like she enjoyed the top off in the car. And her hair was going wild while they rode, but Jim Bob didn’t take the car too fast—at least not on film. He didn’t say if he was going to keep the car or if he would sell it. They’ve had multiple car lots, so it’s unclear if they started another one up since the others got shut down.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar

Counting On: Duggars Deal with the New Normal

The new normal is still causing some problems for the Counting On family. You can see that the new season is to the part where there is a lot of self-taping. Having to tape yourself and take care of children is likely a lot more trouble. But they are making do with what is safest for their family.

Jim Bob said it is difficult for the family to be away from each other. But he said that he is praying for everyone. And they are glad that no one has gotten sick from COVID-19.

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