‘Counting On’: Jim Bob Duggar & Michelle’s Courting Announcement Shocker – See Who

Counting On‘s Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar just announced the latest courtship in their family. And it seems like they are doing things out of order.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar & Michelle Duggar Match Make

It’s been known for a long time that Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle, match their kids with other fundamentalist families. And so far, there’s only been once that a courtship went south after an announcement from patriarch Jim Bob and matriarch Michelle. That courtship was the one between Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson.

Josiah and Marjorie announced their courtship, but things didn’t go as planned. Josiah Duggar from Counting On ended up marrying his now-wife, Lauren Swanson Duggar. And the two now have a baby girl together.

Fans wonder if the newest match from Jim Bob and his fellow matchmaker Michelle will make it. Or if this is going to be their second failed attempt in the public eye.

Counting On: Justin Duggar - Claire Spivey

Justin Duggar Is the Youngest Courting Kid

In the last episode of Counting On, the Michelle hinted that Justin Duggar was courting. But some fans thought TLC might be throwing a curveball to confuse everyone. That wasn’t the case, though, since Justin Duggar is now courting Claire Spivey according to Jim Bob’s announcement.

The strange thing is that the family didn’t even wait for the next episode of Counting On. Jim Bob Duggar and his partner in life, Michelle, shared that Justin Duggar and his girlfriend Claire Spivey are the newest couple in the family. And the reason this is such a shocker is that he’s only seventeen years old.

Michelle Duggar and her family go way back with the Spivey family. In fact, Justin said that their families knew each other for over twenty years. And that God knew just when to send Claire to him.

Counting On: Justin Duggar - Claire Spivey

Counting On: Justin Duggar & Claire to Be the Next Wedding?

The two young teens have been dating for a while now. Justin made it sound like it might have even been up to a year since their first date. Fans of Counting On uncovered pictures of the couple before the announcement. And one reported they were cheek to cheek in a photo.

Viewers of Counting On think that the newest union might be enough to save their falling ratings. But others still aren’t sure if that will put it out of the tailspin. And some say they would at least watch the wedding episode when it comes on.

With this newest courting announcement from Jim Bob, fans want to see how soon the wedding will be. And what other surprises they will pull during this season.

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