‘Counting On’: Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Flip Mansion – You Won’t Believe How Much They Made

Counting On‘s Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar recently experienced a big win for their real estate business. It has been around 6 years since they bought a broken-down mansion to fix it up. The market has had many ups and downs and it is likely they’ve lost a few night’s sleep over the lack of a sale. But they can rest easy now with their cool $1.53 million in the bank.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar & Michelle Duggar Buys Broken-Down Hovel for $230,000

In November of 2014, Jim Bob Duggar of Counting On bought a mansion in Baylor Mansion in Springfield, Arkansas which was built in 1969. This mansion was in ill repair and many thought they bit off more than they could chew. The sale price of $230,000 was attractive, but there was still plenty of work to do after the purchase.

In fact, it took so much work that Jim Bob didn’t even put the property on the market until May 2019 and listed it for 1.8 million dollars.

The large bedrooms, indoor theater, and the amazing views caught a lot of attention, but the massive price tag did put people off a bit.  It didn’t sell for a while even after Jim Bob Duggar dropped the price a few times until it was as low as 1.1 million.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar - Jim Bob Duggar

Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Work Their Magic

Michelle and her husband Jim Bob Duggar from Counting On have been working at real estate and flipping homes for a very long time, even before they were on TV.

After the Counting On couple took the home off the market, they furnished it. Previous potential buyers said the home felt to cavernous.

Jim Bob and Michelle put the home back on the market for 1.38 million and included the furniture with the sale. The home finally sold leaving the family with a hefty profit.

The home is barely recognizable with the updates they did. The massive rooms are updated and beautified to modern standards. The beautiful update are why they were able to ask a premium price for the property with four gorgeous kitchens. The house also has a total of 9 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, and 2 fireplaces. Jim Bob along with Michelle Duggar hit this one out of the park.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar - Jim Bob Duggar

Counting On: Real Estate Runs In the Family

Jim Bob and wife Michelle Duggar aren’t the only ones in the Duggar family that work in real estate. Grandma Mary also had her license and worked in the industry with her son. Now Counting On‘s Joseph Duggar also has his license. It looks like the trend is continuing and the Duggar empire is growing.

Many wonder what the next major project is going to be for the Duggars. Will they buy another mansion or are they going to buy multiple smaller homes? We will have to wait and see what they buy next.

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