‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar Shares Secret Pleasures During Quarantine

Counting On‘s Anna Duggar, wife of Josh Duggar, is becoming chatty during the quarantine. She’s sharing more with fans and followers and allowing for a look into her home. Some also believe she is getting paid for promoting her favorite shop online. And this would mean major progress and potentially some independence for Anna.

Counting On: Celebrating As Baby Maryella Duggar Turns 5 Months Old

The youngest of six children, Maryella Duggar turned 5 months old on April 27th. Mom is keeping busy with the baby and it looks like baby goes everywhere with her. Counting On fans note that Anna Duggar doesn’t look like she gets a break. But most people aren’t surprised that she is bearing most of the work with their latest addition.

Josh Duggar and his wife from show Counting On have been married for 11 years now. And many people don’t think she has it as good as she should. In fact, many fans say that Josh makes the rules and Anna Duggar has to take care of everything else. And that includes taking care of six young children.

Counting On: Anna Duggar

Anna Duggar Updates Her Kitchen

Anna Duggar and her husband, Josh sold their 2,985 square foot farmhouse in February of 2020. Fans weren’t sure where the couple from Counting On was moving. And people still don’t have a total confirmation. Many followers say they know that they live in Jim Bob and Michelle’s warehouse on their property.

Wherever this young Duggar family lives, Anna decided to refresh her kitchen and make it look more modern. While everyone is social distancing and has more time at home, she’s been taking care of multiple projects. One of those was putting up a new backsplash in her kitchen. Anna Duggar from Counting On admitted to enjoying some online shopping.

Counting On: Anna Duggar

Counting On: Is Shopping Becoming More Acceptable?

As any long-time viewer would know, the Duggar motto is to buy used and keep the difference. It doesn’t look like Anna Duggar of Counting On is buying used, but instead, is spending her dollars online. She mentioned she had a favorite store online and shared the link with fans. Also, don’t forget that Jill made an impulse buy not long ago, so fans are wondering if Jim Bob and Michelle are lightening up on the reigns a little.

Fans of Counting On believe the online store is paying her to promote it on her page. And that alone is cause for celebration for her. She’s making her own money, which could mean a little bit of freedom from her controlling husband. Anna Duggar has a strict set of rules that she has to follow, even though it was Josh that was unfaithful. But it looks like she might have been able to make her own decisions about what her kitchen looks like.

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