‘Counting On’ Jeremy Vuolo Fans Slam Troll Over Instagram Baby Pics

Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo‘s getting trolled over his pics of Baby Felicity on Instagram. Some Counting On fans try ignoring and reporting the troller, but using multiple accounts, it seems the troll keeps popping up and hammering away at him. Fans of TLC’s Counting On love it that Jeremy and Jinger Duggar share photos of pretty little Felicity. However, some of them fear that trolls may simply make them want to stop because it’s ugly. Jeremy posted up a lovely photo, saying he cannot get enough of looking at his sweet daughter. Trolls saw an opportunity in that innocent picture.

Trolls hit at ‘Counting On’ fan favorite Jeremy Vuolo

The trolls that hit on Jeremy, a popular member of Counting On, even drew comments that followers should start praying for them. At least one follower is praying, noting they’re very unhappy and disturbed. It seems to be one person, but maybe it’s a bunch of friends hitting at Jeremy over his Instagram baby pics. The latest image to draw so much criticism showed Jeremy wearing a cap and sunglasses. He’s standing up, holding Felicity just the way they teach you during natal classes and gazing at her. As for Felicity, she’s looking good with her flowery headband and pink and white striped outfit. Her beautiful big eyes stare up at her dad.

Jeremy captioned his Instagram post with, “I could stare at her for hours! …so sometimes I do.” This is obviously a man who is deeply in love and blessed by his daughter. In fact, it’s wonderful to see a man so engaged with his child, due to changing social times. When his sister-in-law was about to give birth, he said he didn’t know much about babies. Well, he sure seems to be learning really fast!

No glory to the trolls but when will Instagram admins act?

The trouble with pointing out trolls with their vicious ax to grind is that they get the glory (so no comments repeated here). Suffice to say that their Instagram account profile talks about praying and mental illness in the family. For someone who professes to pray, the comments to the Duggar clan seem at odds with the Christian faith

Fans are getting fed up and tired of the trolling over Counting On‘s star Jeremy’s Instagram pictures. Some of them complained that they report them many times, but they either pop up again or simply never go away. User StormsJan commented to the troll, “You have multiple fake accounts that spew hate. I feel sorry for you. No more interaction from me after this post. Won’t feed your desire to be “someone.“ That’s the most important point. Someone want’s to be someone by slamming someone who is someone. It’s wrong and in a way, very sad.

A number of people reported the social media trolling

Fans and viewers of Counting On reported the trolling over the past few weeks. One of them, @stepheniemesser, posted, “I reported her! She’s rude & her comments are uncalled for! She’s [a] bully!” Another reporter, @erica_deanne noted that “it’s all we can do…ignore her and report her. I’ve been doing it for months. As soon as one account is removed by IG, she makes another one. She needs prayer!”

Another user urged other fans of Jeremy Vuolo and Counting On  to report it, and keep at it.  @lindsystarrjones message said, “that person who is Trolling is one person with multiple accounts! When you see her comments (which are usually the same) report her! More she gets reported the better chance she has of being completely banned from IG! She just wants ATTENTION!”

How to stop the troll on the Counting On star’s Instagram account? Will prayer work? Is there a lack of Instagram admin attention to the troll reports? Stay in touch with news about Jeremy Vuolo andTLC’s show Counting On by checking in with Soap Dirt often.