‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo Posts Jinger Photo – Sparks Row

Counting On couple, Jeremy and Jinger, are fan favorites. However, a recent and innocent photo posted on Instagram sparked a big row. Jeremy’s photo of Jinger was just a shot taken that showed her looking cool and summery but some people found it was an opportunity to hit at Jeremy and at other commenters. It seems that celebrities can easily offend almost anyone without even meaning to.

‘Counting On’ fan-favorite Jeremy posted a nice photo of Jinger

Jeremy’s photo of Jinger showed her standing in the gardens looking remarkably fresh and beautiful. Amazingly, she so recently gave birth, yet she looks slim and relaxed. It seems there’s not too much sleep deprivation going on for the young mother. She was wearing her big hoop earrings that she’s so fond of and looked cool in a pink button-down shirt and white turn-up cuffs.

As you would expect, the photo of Jinger drew a lot of admiring comments. She really is looking good and most fans of Counting On adore her personality and appearance. Jeremy simply titled it, “Summer Saturdays.” As you would expect, lots of fans started to comment on the beauty of Jinger. @hlschramm posted, “You have a beautiful wife- inside and out!! Congrats on that sweet baby as well!” Another user, ninafluor noted, “You look gorgeous Jinger!! Beautiful moma??? soo happy for you guys.”

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Summer Saturdays

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Backlash on Jeremy sparked a row by some Instagram followers

So many Christians follow Jeremy and Jinger on Instagram. Even non-believers enjoy them as they seem to have high ethics and live a clean lifestyle. But there are always haters, jealous people, and even radical Christians who manage to take offense. It all started when out of the blue, Tori Roloff posted, “Uhm so that mama is looking fantastic. Wow! Congrats on your new baby girl!!” Jeremy replied to the comment, saying, “@toriroloff Thanks, Tori! She gets prettier every day….and so does Felicity ?.”

One user got angry about the fact that Jeremy replied to Tori, but didn’t reply to them. “I comment all the time but I guess it requires being on another reality show to get a response. That’s ok. We are all nothings. Tori is a star @jeremy_vuolo.” That comment got a fast reaction from several other people on Instagram. It quickly built up into a full-on row about Christianity, ethics and people’s right to know things about the Counting On couple.

The Instagram conversation went downhill fast

The conversation took a turn downhill when one user explained how verified celeb accounts tend to get pushed to the top on Instagram. They noted as well, that with thousands of follows, every time they post, it’s impossible to reply to all the comments.  That was followed by some asking if Jinger even had a job, which was followed by accusations of “mooching” off her man. Some people even objected to Jinger wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

Then people reacted to the first commenter who complained about Jeremy not replying to them. There was fur flying all over the place in screeds of counter-arguments about the devil and Jesus. But one person made sense when addressing a particularly unhappy commenter. They posted up, “Please do us all a favor and seek mental help. There’s no shame in asking. I have severe PTSD and sought help for it. Trust me, life with mental health problems is so much better when you seek help.”

Nevertheless, over 60 thousand people loved the post. Perhaps love is really what it should all be about. It would be such a pity if Jeremy and Jinger stopped sharing photos of their lives because of haters. What do you think about a row being sparked over a pretty photo? Check back with Soap Dirt often to stay in touch with news about Counting On.