‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Keeping Busy during Lockdown

Counting On stars Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband Jeremy Vuolo shared how they’re keeping busy while being on lockdown. Jinger and Jeremy have made it a priority to check up on family members during the global virus outbreak. Also, with a little one at home, they have been creative when it comes to entertaining Felicity. Continue reading to find out how the Vuolo family is spending their time in quarantine.

Counting On: Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Keep in Touch with Family

Jinger Duggar and her spouse Jeremy Vuolo made a move to sunny Los Angeles. Surely, they didn’t think they’d be spending so much time indoors. Now, the Counting On duo is currently in lockdown since there was a spike of coronavirus cases in LA. While Jeremy and his wife Jinger live far away from family, that isn’t stopping them from keeping in touch during this tense time.

The Counting On pair tries to keep in contact with their families as much as possible. Jeremy Vuolo said that they’re “keeping in touch with family members” like everyone’s doing right now. He said that there’s been “a lot of video chats”  plus phone calls and texts with the Counting On family. Also, Jinger Duggar said Felicity Vuolo “gets excited” when they “facetime family every day.”

Counting On: Jinger Vuolo Duggar - Felicity Vuolo - Jeremy Vuolo

Jeremy and Jinger Following Normal Routine

Counting On‘s Jeremy Vuolo and his spouse Jinger Duggar are trying to follow their standard routine. Jeremy said their day to day routine “isn’t too altered” – other than them being home all day. Plus, Jeremy also said Jinger’s been making “delicious breakfasts” every morning. He added that the family reads the bible, prays, and then starts their day.

During the lockdown, the Counting On cast member is working from home. Jeremy Vuolo said that he’s “been doing a ton of work” from their house. There are also “a lot of projects around the house” to stay busy. So, Jeremy and Jinger Duggar still have a lot going on. Although, house projects aren’t the only thing keeping them busy. Being home all day means the Counting On duo have to entertain their daughter.

Counting On Couple Keeps Daughter Busy in Backyard

Jinger Duggar has been chasing Felicity Vuolo around the house with hubby Jeremy Vuolo. Now, Jinger says Felicity’s spending “a lot of time in the backyard”. Time outdoors helps the family cope with the COVID lockdown. And, the Counting On parents enjoy arts and crafts with their daughter. Jinger said, “we did a little bit of painting with her”.

The Counting on alums also noticed their daughter is getting sporty. Jeremy Vuolo said Felicity Vuolo “loves throwing tennis balls”. And, he said if there’s not a ball handy, Felicity will pick oranges off their backyard fruit tree and “uses them” instead. Now, Jeremy said he and Jinger Duggar keep their kid busy and “she’s keeping us busy,” too. Plus, he assures fans that they’re safe and well.

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