‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Casting News: Tiffany Pollard and Other Celebs Pulling Out of CBS Show?

Celebrity Big Brother casting news shows reality star Tiffany Pollard is refusing to participate in CBB unless she is paid more. She and some of the other celeb houseguests are rumored to be demanding a higher pay grade. This comes since the reveal that each star is getting paid a different amount.

Tiffany Pollard Demanding Higher Payday

The news that Tiffany Pollard is requesting a high paycheck comes from a leaker inside production at CBS.

The source reports that Tiffany is threatening to pull out of Celebrity Big Brother. This is if she does not receive more money for her appearance. Apparently, she wants to make the same amount as Omarosa in CBB US 1. Omarosa reportedly made more than $1M for her stint on the show. CBS paid Omarosa much more according to inside sources.

Also, Tiffany Pollard refused to shoot promotion for the show unless producers renegotiated her deal. Do you think she should get paid that much?

Celebrity Big Brother Costing CBS More Than Anticipated

With this new piece of information, demands for higher payment are costing Celebrity Big Brother and CBS much more than the original budget entailed. Each celeb is supposedly getting a payment anywhere from $70K to $375K for their appearance.

Even celebrities who have already signed their deals are threatening to back out if they do not receive the same paygrade. Most have already shot their promotional footage for CBB US 2. Some are still demanding more or they will drop out.

CBS is very upset with this change in their Celebrity Big Brother plans. But they have very little options if they want the show to go on. Last year, CBB promised each celeb a certain amount of cash for playing. This year depends on the number of days spent in the house.

This news comes after two celebs have already pulled out of the show on account of not enough pay. CBS tried to renegotiate, but their reps still found the amount less than favorable.

Celebrity Big Brother official cast release is going to happen sometime on Sunday according to a reliable source. We are super excited to see who makes the final list and for the show to premiere on January 21st.

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