‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Tom Green Paranoid – Tamar Braxton Gets Publicist Power?

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers unveil paranoia swept through the game last night. It all started with the release of a new power into the house, but no one knows who got it. Signs point to Tamar Braxton, yet HoH Tom Green is becoming increasingly paranoid in the CBB US house.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Who Got The Power Of The Publicist?

“The Power of the Publicist” twist is loose in CBB US the game. Fans voted to give it to their houseguest of choice lets them save themselves at any of the ceremonies in the next two weeks. Production pulled one celeb aside and given the power to use at their discretion.

If the Twitter vote count is anything to go by, Tamar Braxton should have received the power. She was leading by a large margin with Joey Lawrence in second place. So far, the recipient has not told anyone they have it so we cannot know for sure if it is Tamar that got the huge Celebrity Big Brother advantage.

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CBB US: Paranoia Runs Rampant

Tom Green decided to put up Kandi Burruss and Joey Lawrence on the chopping block. His reasoning seems to be that they are the two most likely to have gotten the power. No one knows who got the power and that is causing paranoia to spread quickly between celebrities. Some might even be turning on one another in the near future.

Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Marie asked Tamar Braxton in the Celebrity Big Brother storage room if she got it, but she got extremely defensive and changed the subject. Tom asked Tamar Braxton to get Kandi to admit that she has it because he is convinced that she does.

It comes off a little threatening and Tamar wonders if he is going to put her on the block if she does not. This whole thing has Tom questioning the girls’ loyalty to him and Kato. He starts to believe they might be closer to Ricky Williams.

Tom Green vs Lolo Jones Confrontation on CBB US

Lolo Jones hears about Tom Green challenging her loyalty and is immediately on edge. Her and Natalie Eva Marie were in the workout room talking when Tom and Kato Kaelin join them. Everything appears to be fine on Celebrity Big Brother when everyone apologizes but Lolo quickly gets heated once more.

Lolo references the word “paranoia” several times in the conversation. The guys are hinting that they want to take out the stronger players and Lolo worries that they do not think she and Natalie are threats. They might just consider them pawns they can beat at the end in final four.

Things start to calm down, but the paranoia has been released along with the Power of the Publicist. It will not take long for things to bubble to the surface. Watch tonight for more on the HoH reign of Tom Green and what Tamar Braxton does with the power she presumably has on CBB US.

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