Catfish: The TV Show Recap Season 7 Episode 23 – Nev Schulman and Co-Host Zeke Thomas Search For the Truth For a Dude named Truth

This Catfish recap finds Nev Schulman and co-host Zeke Thomas trying to decipher if a guy named Truth is telling the truth.  Zeke is the son of NBA great Isaiah Thomas. He’s also a DJ, musician, and advocate for sexual assault victims. Let’s see if we can handle the “truth” on the recap of MTV’s episode of “Truth and Ray’Quan”.

LA Fashion Student Truth Wants The Truth on Catfish: The TV Show

On Catfish: The TV Show Nev Schulman and co-host Zeke Thomas get an email from Truth, a fashion design student in LA. Truth met Ray’Quan in an Instagram group chat. The two began to flirt via DMs and texts. Truth has some concerns over his Insta crush.

The classic red flag of no FaceTime is his first concern. Truth also purchased a plane ticket to New Jersey where Ray’Quan supposedly lives. When it came time for the trip, Ray’Quan canceled plans saying his brother was “sick”.

Ray’Quan is also temperamental. When Truth presses for details or a chance to FaceTime, he just up and blocks him. One time he blocked him for a week! Truth admits he’s attracted to crazy on Catfish: The TV Show.

Truth’s Coats of Many Colors

Nev and Zeke head to Truth’s LA pad to find out more. Truth designs colorful fur coats. Zeke and Nev Schulman do a little impromptu catwalk in Truth’s designer coats. Things get a little more complicated once Truth starts telling the truth.

Apparently, there are a few other players in this game on Catfish: The TV Show. Kevon is a member of the same Insta group chat as Truth and Ray’Quan. Truth doesn’t care for Kevon. He calls him out for being fake and messy.

Turns out Truth isn’t above a little lie. He’s been dating a woman named Cierra for a year. She moved back home 6 months ago and that’s when he started chatting up Ray’Quan. Nev Schulman and his co-host urge him to come clean. They don’t want to enable his cheating.

Nev Schulman and Zeke Thomas Search For Clues on Catfish: The TV Show

Nev Schulman and Zeke Thomas hit up the coffee shop to search the net on Catfish: The TV Show. Something just isn’t jiving with this Instagram affair. Armed with names, pics, numbers, and URLs, the two enlist Google for some answers. The image search turns up nada.

Next, they hit up the real Instagram accounts. Someone named Hymnsosoftly has commented on Ray’Quan’s insta pics. He’s a dude named Dedrick and Nev reaches out. He calls back and says he knows Ray’Quan. When pressed, he hangs up.

Nev searches Kevon, the other member of the group chat. Strangely, the URL on Ray’Quan’s Instagram is identical to the one on Kevon’s Facebook. Nev smells a giant rat on Catfish: The TV Show. Was Ray’Quan created by Kevon? Is he just messin’ with the Truth?

Can Truth Handle The Truth?

Nev gets a shady text from Kevon. He says Dedrick told him that Truth has Catfish involved looking for Ray’Quan. Dedrick can’t believe he thought the relationship was serious enough to involve the MTV show. He’ll meet with Nev and Zeke.

Kevon is also a fashion student. Nev wonders if he’s messing with Truth since they are competing fashionistas. The duo wait at the assigned place and Kevon is a no-show. Calls to him go straight to voicemail. It’s time to report the messy situation to Truth.

The similarities between Ray’Quan and Kevon are revealed. Nev suggests his fellow fashionista is playing him. Truth needs some air and some Fiji water ASAP. Not just any bottled H20 it’s got to be Fiji. Accidental product placement on Catfish: The TV Show?

Cierra Hears The Truth on Catfish: The TV Show

Nev suggests that Truth text or call Ray’Quan to set the record straight. Truth is blocked by the number he uses to talk and text with Ray’Quan AGAIN.  Later that night Nev gets a text from the number saying he’s Ray’Quan for real and will meet them in the am.

On Catfish: The TV Show Nev and Zeke pay Truth another visit. Before this meet up can happen he has to come clean with his girl Cierra. Truth FaceTimes her and is so scared he’s covering his face. Cierra wants to know what’s up, why is he acting so strange?

Cierra blows up and rightly so when Truth tells her the truth. She feels stupid and doesn’t wanna be on no Catfish! She breaks up with Truth. Cierra suggests he not call her anymore and ride off into the sunset with his internet boyfriend.

Truth – The Truth Hurts

On Catfish Nev, Zeke and Truth head to the Airbnb to meet the mysterious Ray’Quan. Nev knocks on the door to no answer. But wait! The red door opens and out walks the real Ray’Quan just like in his pictures!

Nev Schulman really thought Kevon was going to be behind the persona. He admits he’s wrong. Truth approaches Ray’Quan for a hug but is met with hostility. Apparently, Ray’Quan only considered Truth a friend, someone to talk to. He feels violated that Truth took it to extremes.

Ray’Quan explains that’s why he didn’t choose to FaceTime with Truth. He’s just not that into him.  He only chatted up Truth when it was “off” with his on and off boyfriend. Truth storms off in search of more Fiji water.

Clout Chasers – Who’s Lit on Catfish: The TV Show?

Thirsty Truth is quenched by some more Fiji on Catfish: The TV Show. He goes off on Ray’Quan accusing him of wasting 6 months of his life. Ray’Quan says he did nothing wrong it was all in Truth’s head. Truth tries to storm the house and calls him a “clout chaser”.

They take Truth back home. There isn’t enough designer water in the world to cool him off now. Ray’Quan reaches out to Nev Schulman later. He’d like a do-over. He’s not proud of the way he reacted when confronted with the “truth”.

Ray’Quan brings Kevon along for moral support. They explain the shared URL: they’ve been buds since they were kids. Ray’Quan apologizes but Truth is bitter and starts jabbing at the two. In a follow-up, Truth reveals he is now just doing him and staying offline.

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