‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Nev Schulman Finds Dina Lohan’s Catfish – Ex Husband Michael Lohan Wishes Her Well

Celebrity Big Brother Dina Lohan‘s catfish has been confirmed by Nev Schulman, the host of MTV’s Catfish. He vowed to investigate this so-called boyfriend and he succeeded, five days after Soap Dirt first reported the man’s identity.

However, there is apparently much more to the story than what is on the surface and Nev promises to give more details soon. Fans hope Nev Schulman will devote an entire episode of Catfish to Dina Lohan’s boyfriend. The MTV host says “Much much more coming soon”, so we can expect it to be juicy. Catfish is one of the few reality shows that manages to make every episode fresh and unique. With seven seasons and over 100 episodes under his belt, that’s quite an accomplishment.

In other news, Dina’s ex-husband Michael Lohan has also talked to the boyfriend and wished her well. Daughter Lindsay Lohan also voiced support for her mother.

Nev Schulman Tracks Down Dina Lohan’s Supposed Catfish

Catfish extraordinaire Nev Schulman expressed a lot of interest in Dina Lohan’s online boyfriend after the initial reveal. Nev confirmed that the earlier reports about the man named Jesse Nadler are correct.

But there is actually so much more to the story than Dina Lohan shared on Celebrity Big Brother. Nev Schulman explained in a tweet that Jesse’s story is, “way bigger than I could have ever imagined.”

What could he have discovered that he was not expecting to find?

Dina Lohan Catfish Episode?

Could we be expecting a Dina Lohan episode of Catfish in the near future? With the information Nev Schulman has said to have dug up it is extremely likely. Whether or not Jesse Nadler is an actual catfish or not has yet to be announced But the episode would probably make good TV either way.

Celebrity Big Brother fans could see Dina and Jesse’s first meeting in person and decide for themselves. We sure hope that MTV is already putting it in the works!

Ex Husband Michael Lohan Says Jesse Is No Catfish

Dina Lohan’s ex, Michael Lohan, has admitted to talking on the phone with Jesse Nadler. He says that Jesse is no catfish and actually claims that the man is a great guy. He even spent an hour on the phone with him which is a long time to get to know someone.

Despite the current threat of legal action against Dina that has come up while she is in the CBB house, Michael wishes her well. Jesse seemed to have earned Michae’s seal of approval.

Lindsay Lohan Supports Her Mother But Requests No More ‘Catfish’ Talk

Lindsay Lohan has voiced her own support for Dina Lohan. Although Lindsay has shown nothing but love for her mom, she has asked for no more ‘catfish’ talk. Either she wants everyone else to stop saying, Jesse Nadler, is a catfish. Or maybe she wants Dina to dip out on the relationship she has been in for the past five years. Whatever the case, the Lohan family clearly cares for one another.

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