‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Meet Dina Lohan’s Catfish – Dating 5 Years, Never Met Him?

Celebrity Big Brother houseguests are certain Dina Lohan was reeled in by a catfish. Now we’ve found the guy – but is he legit? During last night’s episode, Dina shared with fellow HGs that she is in love with the man she’s never met or even FaceTimed. Jesse Nadler claims to be her online love interest and insists he’s no catfish.

Tamar Braxton (and the others) warned her she’s being catfished, but Dina Lohan assured them they are in love and are going to get married. This is a man she’s been dating for five years but has never met. Tamar wants to get on a plane and go with Dina to check out the guy, but you can see what we found out below.

Celebrity Big Brother: Meet Dina Lohan’s Boyfriend – Is He a Catfish?

According to Dina Lohan, the two have been dating (online) for five years now but have yet to meet in person. They have not even video chatted. She claims that her BF is not an iPhone person, but isn’t that what every catfish claims? It’s either that or their screen doesn’t work or some other excuse for not video chatting or meeting up.

But Celebrity Big Brother‘s Dina says they are in love and destined for the altar. Now, a guy named Jesse Nadler on Twitter is claiming to be the man she is romancing. He has been on Twitter since 2013 but has very few tweets. Jesse professed his love for Dina and defended their relationship from skeptical fans. But let’s take a look at the evidence.

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Hook, Line and Sinker or True Love?

He does seem to live near San Francisco as Dina Lohan claims. He’s listed online as working for a realty trust company.

What’s interesting about that is that although he lists himself as living in Tiburon, CA, the company where he works is in New York. Dina lives in Long Island. So if this guy is the one she’s been seeing, wouldn’t work bring him occasionally almost to her backyard? Or at the very least, Dina travels to California a lot for events like Celebrity Big Brother. Wouldn’t he have wanted her to visit during those times?

His Facebook page shows that he loves motorcycles, cigars, seafood and lottery tickets. But no mention of Dina Lohan.

After investigating, it’s obvious that Jesse is a real person, is the man Dina Lohan is in love with the same person? Or is it a prankster using his images and identity?

Celebrity Big Brother: Dina Lohan Shares Her Feelings With CBB US Houseguests

The catfish conversation aired on last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother. Dina Lohan was sitting with Kandi Burruss, Natalie Eva Marie, and Tamar Braxton when she shared her relationship status. She told them that she has been talking to him almost every day for five years straight she loves him. She says she knows that he is the one.

This is the first time Dina has opened up about her love life while on the show. It is also the first time many people are even hearing about her boyfriend. For someone whose entire family is in the spotlight, she is sure capable of hiding things from the public. It must come with years of practice!

Celebrity Big Brother Cast Tell Dina Lohan She Is Being Catfished

Dina Lohan shared her secret romance with her fellow houseguests and they are not buying it. The group, especially Tamar Braxton tried to convince her that she is being catfished. Tamar laughed when she said that they could not meet because he is taking care of his sick mother. But, Dina is adamant that Jesse is real and that they are meant for each other. She claims she has even talked to his mother!

Tamar told Dina she would go to San Franciso – where Jesse lives – after the show is over so that they can meet in person. Everyone in the house seems to think that she is being played.

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