‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Drunk Dina Lohan Runs Wild In CBB House

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal Dina Lohan had an exciting night in the house. The celebrities were given some alcohol and she indulged enough to get a little crazy. She got into a loud conversation with Kandi Burruss and Kato Kaelin. Dina even pretended to work out to avoid Ricky Williams but was not successful.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Starts Beef With Kandi Burruss

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers provided the houseguests with the rare delicacy that is wine last night. Dina Lohan might have had a little bit too much to drink and sober thoughts became drunken words. Her lack of knowledge about how Big Brother became comical as fans watched on the live feeds.

Dina Lohan, Kato Kaelin, and Kandi Burruss were in the lounge when the conversation escalated. They were talking about Ryan Lochte’s HoH reign when Lindsey Lohan’s mother started getting loud. She obviously has no idea how the game works and just started dropping Big Brother terminology

That segued into Kandi wanting to know why Dina voted against her and what made her the enemy. Lohan could not muster up a plausible answer, instead choosing to gesture to Kato and say that he voted for her. Kandi eventually stormed out and Kato took his turn berating Lohan for not controlling herself.

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Celebrity Big Brother: Drunk Dina Lohan Confronted By Kato Kaelin

After Kandi Burruss left the lounge, Kato Kaelin reamed out Dina for causing trouble. He said they needed Kandi on their side to get rid of Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Marie. Dina said they do not need Kandi.

Kato Kaelin then called her out for giving away too much information to Ricky Williams. He claimed that he could not trust her if she gives information to everyone. She told him she knew about his five-person alliance and that she is just a pawn in his game.

Dina was just upset because she is always getting left out of everybody’s plans.

Dina Lohan Gets Caught Avoiding Ricky Williams

Dina Lohan was in the HoH room chatting it up when she noticed Ricky Williams on his way up. She had just gotten in trouble with Kato Kaelin for sharing too much information with Ricky, so she decided to leave.

Dressed in a pink outfit and donning a cowboy hat, she booked it to the workout room and jumped on the elliptical. Ricky was close behind and she put on a show of being out of breath and tired. Dina said she was shooting for twenty-five minutes but only made ten. Too bad Ricky saw the door shut behind her when she ran away.

He later told Lolo Jones, Natalie Eva Marie, and Tamar Braxton about the event and they all laughed at Dina’s drunk antics. Lohan probably still thinks that she got away with it.

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