Catfish: The TV Show Recap Season 7 Episode 22 – Nev Schulman and Co-Host Tallulah Willis Solve a Reality TV Mystery

This Catfish: The TV Show Season 7 Episode 22 recap has it all: a cool co-host, awesome ink and a former reality star. Co-host of the week Tallulah Willis is an artist, advocate and daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Let’s see if Nev Schulman and Tallulah Willis can keep it real in this week’s reality star mystery.

Catfish Recap: Is This Former Reality Star The Real Deal?

On MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show Nev Schulman and Tallulah Willis get an email from Chelsea, a tattoo apprentice from Salt Lake City. Chelsea recently lost over 200 pounds. A fan of TLC’s My Fat Fabulous Life, one person on the show in particular caught her eye.

Lennie Alehat was the boyfriend of one of the women on the show. Chelsea liked his supportive nature with his girlfriend. Not to mention his rugged good looks. When she heard the couple had split she went out on a limb and sent him a Facebook message.

He answered back right away. Chelsea was shocked. As is the common Catfish tale they started chatting online. Lenny gave up his digits and they started talking on the phone. But there was a red herring: no FaceTime.

Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls

Nev and Tallulah FaceTime with Chelsea. She is gorgeous and hip and has awesome tattoos and piercings. Chelsea has dated but never really had a boyfriend. She’s falling for Lennie who is sending out some serious vibes like let’s get married and have babies.

Chelsea was stoked to find that Lennie is also an artist. They agreed to do portraits of each other. Chelsea fired her’s off in about 35 minutes. Lennie still hasn’t proffered up his pic. This makes Chelsea wonder if he’s the real deal on Catfish: The TV Show.

Tallulah Willis and Nev Schulman fetch Chelsea at LAX. They take her to her cool LA AirBnB. Chelsea fills them in on a little secret. She’s really into her online crush Lennie. But she’s dating a dude in real life named Chris. And he’s clueless about the whole Lennie/Catfish thing.

Catfish – Is Lennie Really a Big Fat Fabulous Lie?

Nev Schulman and Tallulah get down to business on Catfish. Lennie’s Facebook checks out. A website of his art also looks legit. Tallulah notices the website hasn’t been updated in a couple of years. Nev reaches out to a friend named Pierce from the Facebook page.

Pierce weighs in on the internet investigation. He tells them the Facebook has been run by a series of “ambassadors” since he left the show. Is it a Facebook page or the UN? He says the phone number they have isn’t even close to Lennie’s real number.

A net search of the number reveals it belongs to a woman named Christina. Is Lennie just a big fat fabulous lie? Nev and Tallulah get ready to clue Chelsea in on their findings on Catfish: The TV Show.

Lennie on Catfish: The TV Show – Reality Show Round 2

Nev and Tallulah tell Chelsea their suspicions on Catfish. Chelsea is nervous and confused. Especially about the phone number. Whoever she’s been talking to is definitely a man. The only thing left to do is for Nev to call the number.

Nev places a call and it goes to straight to voicemail. The inbox is full. And then comes an MTV Catfish miracle! Lennie calls back! And it’s the real Lennie! Shocked, Nev wants to know why the secrets and shade if it’s really him.

Lennie says he didn’t expect Chelsea to go this route. The former reality show star is a little jaded. Lennie worries he won’t measure up to her expectations. He should measure up just fine as long as he’s not a random woman named Christina.

Chelsea Comes Clean With Chris

Nev and Tallulah are close to solving the mystery on Catfish: The TV Show. But first, Chelsea wants to come clean with Chris. The dude she actually dates in the flesh. Tallulah Willis sits next to her for moral support and Nev creeps in the background like a nosy little brother.

Chris sounds like stand up guy. He takes the news that the chick he’s been dating is really in LA to meet another guy. And it’s a guy she’s been talking to for a year and will be revealed on Catfish! He tells her not to get murdered and let him know how it goes.

Tallulah is amazed with how chill Chris was. She is jumping around with glee. Nev returns from creeping behind the couch. Chelsea is ready to go meet Lennie. Tallulah suggests either way she’s walking into a lion’s den. Chelsea will have to make a choice.

Catfish: The TV Show – Chelsea and Lennie Meet For Real

It’s time for the obligatory Catfish: The TV Show park meet up. The trio await Lennie. He arrives via Lyft. He’s the real deal, burly beard and all. Lennie seems distant after an awkward hug. Grilled on why he never wanted to meet he says that plane tickets aren’t cheap.

Nev questions him on his phone number matching a woman named Christina. He says she’s his sister. Chelsea asks about the portrait. He says he did paint her. But he brought the wrong notebook? This guy’s stories have more holes than Swiss cheese.

Nev takes him aside to see why he’s acting so weird. He says he’s shy and he really never thought that things would progress. He cites the distance between them. Nev suggests the two have some alone time to figure this out.

Lennie Gets Inked – Will Chelsea Move On?

Chelsea isn’t feeling that Lennie wants the real deal of a relationship. He seemed content having his internet cake and not eating it too. She suggests they remain friends. But she’ll go with Lennie for his first tat.

Tallulah and Nev meet up with them at the Tattoo shop. Chelsea tells them she will go back to Utah and move forward with Chris. Lennie is in the friend zone for now and that’s cool with him. Everybody hugs goodbye and it’s over on Catfish: The TV Show. Or is it?

In a follow-up with Chelsea 3 months later, she admits things with Chris died out when she got back to Utah. But, she is now officially dating Lennie! Lennie confirms it’s for real and shows the portrait he painted of Chelsea. Its’s a reality tv dream come true on Catfish.

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