Catfish: The TV Show Recap Season 7 Episode 20 – Nev Schulman and Co-Host Kamie Crawford Break a Decade Long Mystery

This Catfish: The TV Show Season 7 recap finds Kamie Crawford, Former Miss Teen USA, journalist and beauty guru in the revolving co-host seat with Nev Schulman. The two will try to solve a decade long mystery. Blast from the past social media site MySpace makes a cameo in this strange but true online affair. Let’s jump right in!

Catfish Recap: Can Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford Connect These Two Crazy Kids?

MTV’s Season 7 Episode 20 of Catfish: The TV Show, ‘Rachael and Vance’ concerns a decade long relationship. It’s actually Rachael’s sister Samantha who writes into the online sleuth show. Sam reveals that Rachael ,who’s now 23, met Vance when both were just a couple of kids talking on MySpace. MySpace is now considered a dinosaur since Facebook came and took over the world.

The demise of their original social network space didn’t phase these two. They began an intense relationship talking on the phone at all hours and constantly texting and messaging on Facebook. Vance is even friends with sister Sam and was a Facebook friend of Rachael’s mom at one time.

Rachael’s Online Crush Vance – From Mr. Wonderful to King of Excuses

Nev and Kamie Skype Rachael to get some insight on the relationship. Rachael is clearly smitten with Vance. She giggles and blushes when she talks about him. Co-host Kamie gives her some good natured ribbing about it. Nev wants to get down to the nitty gritty. Have they video chatted? Made plans to meet face to face?

Rachael reveals that they have not. As we’ve seen many times on Catfish, it seems Vance always has an excuse when she asks to face time. Everything from a broken camera to having no phone. He has ghosted her often over the years only to return with a new number and little explanation. Sis Samantha says he can quickly go from Mr. Wonderful to King of Excuses.

Rachael and Vance on Catfish: The TV Show – Separate Lives and Situations

Due to the distance between them, Rachael and Vance have both led their own lives and dated. Concerned with Vance’s sketchy persona, Rachael laments she doesn’t need another kid. Nev asks if she already has kids. Surprise! Rachael has 3 and one is a tender 5 weeks old. Vance is in the know about the kids. Kamie questions her if her ties to Vance prevented a relationship with any of the kid’s bio Dads. Rachael says yes, she is in love with Vance.

Kamie and Nev trek to Rachael’s home town of Iowa City, Iowa on Catfish: The TV Show . Nev brings a gift of diapers for the baby. The two settle in with Rachael to get some more clues about the elusive Vance. Rachael reveals he’s never even sent her a single pic via text. Kamie is a little surprised that a young man of 24 wouldn’t have sent a d*ck pic by now. This makes Rachael blush but the only pics she’s seen of Vance are on Facebook.

Vance Ignores Rachael But Sends Memes to Sis Samantha

Rachael is concerned as of late because communication has recently dipped between her and Vance. She brings up a recent incident where Vance didn’t respond to her text, yet sent Sam memes. Vance has also changed Facebook profiles more than a few times. This is always a red flag for Nev on Catfish.

It’s time for Nev and Kamie to do some digging. Armed with info from Rachael including pics, the detective duo heads to the web for clues. The Nev Schulman stand-by, google image search, yields a big fat zero. Vance’s Facebook seems legit. He even lists a few siblings that check out. Nev feels sure that the page is the real deal.

Mugshots and Red Flags on Catfish: The TV Show

Satisfied that Vance’s social media checks out, Nev moves on to next steps. A google search of Vance’s name yields a major red flag : several arrests in North Carolina and one in Florida. Further digging finds a mugshot of Vance (Cue dramatic music). Kamie is concerned especially since Rachael has children. She wonders aloud if the recent lack of communication is due to the fact he’s in jail. She schools Nev on the fact that inmates can now post on Facebook.

The two reveal their findings to Rachael who is shocked and upset. Nev messages Vance and informs him they are reaching out for Catfish: The TV Show. He quickly calls back. They verify he’s not in the clink .Nev offers to turn on the camera so they can see that the whole thing is legit. Vance offers up the broken camera thing again. They would like to offer him a plane ticket out to Iowa to meet Rachael. He hems and haws about having no ID and no money. This dude is a regular Sketchy McSketcherson.

Can You Wire Money to my Friend? Shady Stuff on Catfish: The TV Show

Vance wants to make the trip to meet his online amore so he suggests another plan. Can Nev wire some money to his friend Caesar? Then he can get it and make the trip? Nev is hesitant but producers are game for the plan. Rachael is sure that was Vance, but thinks he sounded off.

Producers on Catfish: The TV Show confirm the money was wired to Caesar and that Vance will arrive tomorrow. In the morning Nev,  Kamie and Rachael await his arrival. The phone pings and Vance has landed! The trio head to a local park to meet the mystery man. Nev and company love staging meetings at desolate parks.

Vance is Real – Rachel Flakes on Catfish: The TV Show

The trio sit on picnic tables near an empty jungle gym. The cameras pan to a silver car slowing down nearby. Nev points out that it’s “uberesque”. And ta-da! Out steps Vance straight from the pages of Facebook and Mugshots-R-Us. He carries a small  duffel and seems relieved. Rachael on the other hand is hiding in a pavilion, covering her face and chewing on her french manicure. Kamie goes and gets her but she stays a good 10 feet away from Vance as if he’s a wild animal.

Fans of Catfish: The TV Show are used to awkward first meetings between people who’ve only know each other online. This one is excruciatingly painful as Rachael is flaking out big time. Nev questions Vance about his lifestyle and work. It’s clear he couch surfs with friends and admits to not having much of anything. Being jobless and homeless doesn’t seem to concern Rachael. She’d rather discuss why he sent her sister memes. Vance like the rest of us is confused and laughs.

Rachael and Vance – Awkward in Iowa City

Nev and Kamie offer to butt out, hoping the two can finally connect after a decade of online love. The two hug, and it seems to be getting a little less awkward. Sitting together on a picnic bench the two make small talk. It’s clear Rachel is over all of it. Later at dinner with Nev and Kamie we all feel her pain. Vance is nice enough but whatever spark there was on the web with these two doesn’t translate to real life.

We wrap up this recap of Catfish: The TV Show with the obligatory 3 month check up face time. We hear from Rachael first who confirms that the two teens who first connected on MySpace are kaput. Vance started asking for money and things just didn’t work out in real life. Or as lovely co-host Kamie Crawford puts it IRL in internet lingo. Vance could not be reached for follow up. Till Next week! Check in for a new Catfish and a new co-host!

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