Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: New Wedding, Furious Ex, and Runaway?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest a fork in the road for Katie Logan (Heather Tom) when it comes to the two and a half men in her life. The romance between Katie and Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) moved into the bedroom this week. The pillow talk between Thorne and Katie offered enough hints of a long-term commitment in the near future. Seems like you don’t need spoilers to tell you it looks like another soap wedding is about to bloom.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Hint Wedding – Bill Spencer Throws Up In His Mouth

There’s one big obstacle in place for Katie Logan and Thorne Forrester’s happiness – Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). When Katie and her new boyfriend moved their relationship to another level this most likely set the scene for a little sabotage.

Get ready, this is Bill’s worst nightmare and it looks like a fall wedding is about to unfold. Despite interference from the man with all the money, it looks like Katie and Thorne eventually find their way to happiness. Inside the world of soaps, weddings emerge from the rubble. This is right up his alley as Bill leaves a path of rubble everywhere he goes on Bold and the Beautiful.

Thorne and Katie will need to navigate around  Bill Spencer and his disgust over this possible union. Bill almost choked on Justin Barber’s (Aaron Spears) words this week. He tells his lawyer “you just made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.” This was his response to Justin’s suggestion that Katie and Thorne might get married on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bill can throw up in his mouth all he wants. It is going to take more than his regurgitation to stop his ex-wife from finding happiness. With that said, Bill probably does have the wheels in motion to put a stop to this. But through the history of Bold and the Beautiful weddings usually prevail even when doom looms up to the last minute.

Thorne Forrester Stepfather on Bold and the Beautiful

Thorne Forrester is already acting like a stepfather to Will Spencer (Finnegan George). If he legally steps into that role through marriage, B&B spoilers see an obstacle for Bill Spencer in his ex-wife’s custody challenge on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bill is furious at the thought of matrimony for his ex-wife Katie Logan to his long-time rival, Thorne Forrester. While the adults fight, one of the most important factors in Thorne and Katie’s love affair is a minor child. Bill fights dirty, which is something Thorne is fully aware of on Bold and the Beautiful.

Thorne Forrester fancies himself as someone untouchable when it comes to Bill’s threats. But he may find his ammunition in this custody fight is way out of his league.

Bold and the Beautiful - Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) - Katie Logan (Heather Tom) - Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher)

B&B Spoilers – Katie Logan In For a Ride

To stop this battle over custody, Bill Spencer might just attempt to stop any possibility of a wedding as well. Think about what Bill does best. Besides making money, Dollar Bill leaves lives in ruin. Furthermore, his past demonstrates a top-level of expertise in that field.

With deep pockets and an urge to stop two future events, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers put Bill Spencer on a mission. To stop Katie Logan from this custody battle he may need to stop a wedding as well. To do this he needs to paint the groom as undesirable.

If he can show Katie Logan is in a relationship with someone who isn’t a good influence on children, Bill gets both his wishes. If it comes down to marriage or losing Will, Katie’s choice is obvious, her son comes first.

Skeletons Planted?

If there’s nothing to dig up on Thorne, it’s not from Bill’s lack of trying. Above all, he is a guy who won’t leave one stone unturned. If Bill attempts this and comes up empty-handed, he’s got the money to plant skeletons in Thorne’s closet.

B&B spoilers remind the fans how Bill promised Katie she would regret her attempt to gain sole custody of Will. Bill could very well taint Thorne’s reputation to the point Katy needs to choose between marriage to Thorne or custody of Will.

There’s nothing like a tainted reputation to spoil a wedding. This road to matrimony may just offer the most bumps yet, according to B&B spoilers.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Possible Runaway?

Will is only 8-years-old, which is an impressionable age. He is already questioning if his father’s anger is his fault. What he hears and sees in the future from the adults in his life might very well send him into a crisis.

With daddy spitting tacks and mom crying, this kid may very well see this as all his fault. Mom’s new boyfriend, Thorne Forrester, belittles his dad downstairs as his little ears listen from upstairs. As Soap Dirt’s B&B spoilers suggest in a previous article, Will might just run away.

As Thorne Forester moves closer to an engagement to Katie Logan, Bill won’t sit idly by and do nothing. Furthermore, he has the custody battle to win and he will do so even if he needs to take a big chunk out of Katie’s happiness. Come back to Soap Dirt often for all your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.