‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Brooke Woos Bill to Save Ridge and Katie?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) intends to make Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) his very own puppet. Bill may also attach these puppet-like strings to Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) as well as her sister Katie Logan (Heather Tom). Now that Bill knows this dirty deed at the custody hearing involves more than Ridge and Judge Craig McMullin (Joe Lando) he sets out for all around revenge.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Puppet Master Bill Spencer

When Bill called Ridge, the judge, Brooke, Katie, and Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) to his office, they jumped. It was easy to see on Tuesday’s Bold and the Beautiful that Bill enjoyed having control over this little group. Not only did Bill throw Ridge into a world of fear, but he’s also got Brooke, Katie, Thorne, Ridge, and McMullin all fighting.

Before Bill made his grand entrance into his office, where all five were waiting, Katie Logan knew what he wanted. She told their little group that Bill won’t stop until he gets what he wants. While Brooke’s name wasn’t mentioned, it was clear what Katie meant – He wants Brooke Logan.

B&B Spoiler – Brooke Logan is the Prize in this Game?

Brooke already announced that she’d do nothing to betray her husband. But it might just come down to this. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have Bill Spencer playing a game of cat and mouse with this new information.

All five of the people Bill summoned to his office are the guilty parties in his mind. Now that he sees how this betrayal goes beyond Ridge, his need for revenge amps up. Everyone standing in his office on Tuesday’s episode had knowledge of Ridge’s dirty deed. He’s got all of them, including Katie Logan, right where he wants them.

 Katie Logan and Thorne Forrester House Now Playground for Bill Spencer?

As Bold and the Beautiful episodes roll on, Bill is probably going to have the time of his life. When he snaps his fingers, this group can do nothing more than jump. He now knows Katie’s reason for ignoring the court’s decision and letting him see Will Spencer (Finnegan George) when he wants. This might put Bill pretty much in charge over at Katie and Thorne’s home with the power he has over them.

Katie Logan is worried she’ll lose custody of Will. At the same time, Brooke and Ridge are petrified over Ridge going to prison if Bill decides to send him there. It looks like Brooke’s promise of not betraying her husband was made to be broken.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Ridge Forrester May Lose Brooke Logan

Without anywhere else to turn  Brooke may just come up with a ploy of her own. One that involves Bill believing Brooke is ready to be all his. No matter what fate holds for Ridge Forrester he’d never let Bill Spencer put a hand on his wife. So if Brooke Logan does decide to quench Bill’s thirst for her, if only to save her husband, she’d never let Ridge know it’s a ploy. She’d have to make Ridge believe it as well as Bill.

Brooke would need to go about this as if she really wanted Bill back, which would mean the demise of her marriage. This could start a domino effect that would put too much hurt and pain between Ridge and Brooke for them to ever get back together. Even if Brooke one day comes clean with her ploy of wooing Bill to keep Ridge from prison, it may be too late. That’s where Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) comes in.

B&B Spoilers – Ridge Forrester Turns to Quinn?

It’s looking like Eric Forrester (John McCook) rekindles his romance with Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) in the near future. This means Quinn could soon be a free agent. So if Bill does get Brooke, Ridge becomes lost without her, leaving the door open for Quinn to step in.

According to the Soap Central spoilers, Bill will make Brooke a promise about his future. If that promise includes Brooke being by his side, she will have to make her move over to Bill look real. This will alienate Ridge Forrester from her life. Will she go this far to save Ridge and Katie from the wrath of Bill?

What can stop Bill Spencer from turning Ridge and McMullin in? The spoilers promised a Brooke Login and Bill Spencer reboot of Brill. While it looks like it might happen, chances are if it does, Brooke goes about it under duress.

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