‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers – Bill, Thorne & Katie Cause Child Crisis?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) and Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) become blinded by hatred this week. Katie Logan’s (Heather Tom) custody case turns into the battlefield for Thorne and Dollar Bill. Their hatred for each other fuels this battle but they don’t realize how this looks to an impressionable 8-year-old boy.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – In a Boy’s Mind

Will Spencer (Finnegan George), who is at the center of this custody case, misses his dad. Due to Bill’s hiatus from visits, Will thinks his father doesn’t like him. Will’s hesitation, followed by a refusal to go with Bill Spencer, enrages this absentee dad who tries to make amends. Last week set the foundation for what is about to unfold this week, suggest B&B spoilers.

Thanks to her new coach Thorne Forrester, Katie Logan is also in the battle mode. B&B spoilers paint Katie’s mindset in this custody battle all about her son and nothing else. But to Bill and Thorne, the custody battle over Will becomes much more.

Bill Spencer And Rival Thorne Forrester Play Dirty

Bill Spencer blames Thorne Forrester for Katie Logan’s custody issue as things were fine until he entered the scene. Both Bill and Thorne have their own strategies planned for winning this battle, suggests Soap Central. But it is no longer just about custody to these two men.

B&B spoilers indicate heated arguments continue at Katie Logan’s house this week with Will at home. Both men play dirty with Bill about to unleash old skeletons from Katie’s closet. Thorne’s strategy is to slither into Will’s life in place of Bill. It is Bill against Thorne and somehow these two men lose track of what this battle is about – Will.

B&B Spoilers Set Up the Prize

Thorne buddies up with Will when his father is unavoidably detained again this week and misses a visit. Bill is wise to this and another heated and loud argument ensues at Katie’s house. Will suddenly becomes like a prize to both Bill Spencer and Thorne Forrester and the fact that he is a boy thrown into turmoil escapes these two.

This battle heats up to a point where voices raise and accusations fly. Unfortunately for Will, he is within earshot of crude remarks between Bill Spencer and his mom’s new boyfriend, Thorne. This little boy sees and hears this hatred, along with seeing his mom cry.

Katie Logan Has a Set of Little Ears Listening

Will’s name is constantly mentioned in these arguments as he sits upstairs in his room. Fans witnessed the same type of scenes last week on the soap. His mom cries, his dad is fuming mad and in the mind of a boy this age – it is his fault.  Did the Bold and the Beautiful writers set the stage for a runaway kid?

The battle continues this week once again among the adults in Will’s life. Despite Katie’s reassurance to her son that this is not his fault, he may still believe it is. Fans also saw the same type of scene last week between Will and Katie Logan.

Is Bold and the Beautiful About to Script a Runaway Child?

If the soap’s writers do script Will as a child who runs away from home this would throw the family into a crisis. A plot of a runaway boy has endless possibilities for outcomes. If by chance this is the case a crisis is known to bring family members together.

Will this custody case and all the hatred end if this child takes matters into his own hands? It’s easy to see the adults around Will are too self-absorbed to act civil as this battle moves forward.

Even Katie Logan becomes blinded by Thorne, who she believes has Will’s best interest at heart. It might just take a boy’s drastic action to bring these adults back to reality. It’s a soap so anything can happen.  Come back to Soap Dirt often for all your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.