Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Katie Pays Price for Bill Betrayal – Her Marriage to Thorne?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) is out to collect from those who betrayed him and this includes Katie Logan (Heather Tom). It looks like Katie’s about to pay dearly for her part in the custody case betrayal with her marriage to Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher).

Bill sets out to collect those debts in the form of tormenting everyone involved. While it’s Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) who initially tampered with the custody case, all who knew of this event are almost as guilty as Ridge, in the eyes of Bill Spencer.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Bill Spencer Out to Ruin Thorne and Katie?

Katie Logan and Thorne Forrester might be newlyweds but their marriage may head into dangerous territory. While holding the judge tampering over their heads, Bill Spencer most likely feels free to come and go in Katie and Thorne’s home anytime he feels like it. Who’s going to stop him as he dangles the custody case tampering like the key to their home?

It may soon become very obvious that Bill’s agenda is no longer about spending time with his son Will Spencer (Finnegan George). Unannounced and constant visits to Will would work well if Bill’s attempting to put a wedge between the newlyweds.

B&B Spoilers – Too Easy for Bill Spencer to Turn Katie Logan In

It looks like Bill might set out to destroy Katie’s marriage while putting Thorne Forrester through torture as well. Going to the cops and turning in Ridge and Judge Craig McMullen (Joe Lando) is too easy.

The same goes for Bill to let the law take over when it comes to Katie’s part as well. There’s no lasting fun in that. While Katie didn’t know beforehand about Ridge’s dirty deed, she sure did after the fact.

Instead of bringing what she found to the court, Katie continued on and let the custody ruling stand. This week fans learned that Katie Logan now worries about losing custody of Will altogether. That is if the court finds out she was privy to Ridge’s interference in the custody case and did nothing about it.

Katie Worried About Thorne Forrester and Custody of Son

Katie’s worries extend beyond her marriage to Thorne. What will happen if Bill does decide to tell Will about his mommy’s part in Bill losing custody?

There’s a chance Will looks at Uncle Ridge very differently if and when Bill enlightens Will on Uncle Ridge’s deed. Yes, Bill holds the lives of several people in his hands today.

Bill Plays with Judge McMullen

Bill is most likely playing this for all it’s worth without involving the law, suggests Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. Furthermore, putting Judge McMullen behind bars might give Bill satisfaction, but then it ends. Remember how he commented to Justin Barber (Aaron D Spears) that he has a dozen judges in his pocket?

That was a while back on Bold, but Justin told him he didn’t have a family court judge among that group. Well, now he does. McMullen is of more use to Bill as a sitting judge then he is behind bars. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also suggest he is more than likely keep McMullen in his pocket and out of jail.

Bill’s Big Plans of Penance for All Involved

One thing that Bill Spencer isn’t and that’s a dummy. He thinks ahead. He will drum up all kinds of penance for Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), Katie Logan, Thorne, and the judge.

Soap Central spoilers suggest Brooke, Katie, and Thorne are enraged over Bill’s hold on Ridge. It looks like Bill takes out the big guns of punishment when it comes to Ridge Forrester, which is on its way.

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