‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Hope Demands Answers From Reese

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) seeks out answers from Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady). As she mourns the death of her baby daughter, she may want to learn more about what went wrong during childbirth after she fainted. Reese is the only one who can answer her questions, but will his answers lead to her discovering a darker truth?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Logan Wants Answers

It looks like finally Hope Logan decides she needs to know more about what happened the night her baby died. on B&B. The only person with that information is Reese, since he delivered her baby. However, Reese Buckingham will not like this newfound interest in what went wrong during her childbirth, as he has secrets of his own that he needs to keep.

It won’t be too long before Hope Logan goes to ask Reese these pivotal questions. She soon learns that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) plans to adopt. With Steffy moving forward with her life, Hope may realize she needs to come to terms with her baby’s death. But to do that, she needs to know exactly what happened.

She slowly begins to pick herself up, as Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate. So, she soon heads back to work. However, she’s been in a dark depression since losing her baby. Could questioning Dr. Reese Buckingham help her get out of this funk, or just cause her to uncover the secrets that he is holding close to his chest?

B&B Spoilers: Dr. Reese Buckingham Stole Hope’s Baby

As Bold and the Beautiful viewers know, Reese finally admitted to stealing Hope’s baby to put the child up for adoption. He needed money desperately to pay off thugs who are threatening his daughter’s life. However, his plan can unravel at any moment.

First, he told Florence (Katrina Bowden) what he did. She is horrified to learn the extremes he went to with the baby. Flo could spill at any moment if her guilty conscience gets in the way. Now that she knows a woman named Hope gave birth to the child, everything could unravel for Reese Buckingham.

Second, Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) knows that Reese Buckingham set up the adoption for Steffy. If Taylor blabs to Hope Logan about Reese’s involvement, she may have questions for him. Could this be when the grieving young woman heads over to question Reese?

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Still Struggling

Hope Logan and her struggles with her daughter’s death continue, but finding out what went wrong during childbirth may give her some peace. She did faint, after all. She recently told her mother that she felt like she did something wrong. On B&B, she is misguided in blaming herself for her baby’s death.

There are several who could spoil Reese Buckingham’s plan. Even how he answers Hope’s questions could wreck it. After all, he’s horrified with himself. He told Florence he had no other choice, as he just needs to protect his daughter. However, that doesn’t mean he likes what he did by stealing a baby.

Reese could potentially give himself away on Bold and the Beautiful. However, this is probably unlikely as he’s made sure to watch himself every step of the way. But when Hope Logan asks him questions about her baby, will he be able to give her satisfactory answers? Watch B&B weekdays on CBS to find out.

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