‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Reese Plots Hope Baby Swap With Mystery Lady – Gambling Debts Paid?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) may commit a crime of opportunity against Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) using the mystery woman from the clinic. Is B&B hatching an edgy plot that could leave Hope and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) devastated? Given his enormous gambling debts and the threat against his daughter, there’s no telling what Reese could do.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Hope Logan In the Hands of Reese Buckingham

A frantic Hope Logan is in labor and she’s on an island without her husband or family members. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers credit a friendly hotel manager with getting Hope to the island’s clinic when her premature labor starts. She’s met by the doctor covering the shift, Reese Buckingham. Hope is frightened but Reese assures her that he’s a licensed obstetrician.

He also tells the scared mother-to-be that he is Zoe Buckingham’s (Kiara Barnes) dad. This does little to calm Hope down, as Liam Spencer is soon to be on his way in a helicopter in the windstorm. Reese was manning the clinic all alone and viewers saw him talking to a woman, reassuring her that “it’s not your fault”. Could this woman have also had a baby?

Reese Warned By Dangerous Debt Collector

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Reese gets a frightening text message as he’s working to deliver Hope’s baby. The message from the gambling debt collector threatens his daughter if the money he owes is not paid. Someone is stalking Zoe and the text contains a picture to prove it. This puts Reese in a frantic state as well.

It’s apparent on today’s Bold and the Beautiful episode that Reese is all alone in the clinic with Hope Logan. There’s not another person around to witness the premature birth of Hope’s baby. The nurse can’t make it in and so it’s just the two of them. Plus with the blackout, Reese can act under the cover of darkness if he launches a shady plot.

Black Market Baby Swap Plot Ahead?

Bold and the Beautiful already established that Reese Buckingham runs with some very dark characters. For sure, a man like this would have an easy time trying to locate someone involved in the black market for baby adoption. With no one there to witness Hope’s birth besides Hope and Reese, it looks like an ugly plot might emerge.

With the power out, Hope Logan can’t see what is happening. If the other patient from Wednesday’s episode lost her baby, then Reese has all the ingredients he needs to convince Hope that her baby died. That would leave him with a commodity to sell to cover his $200k debt. It’s a terrible thing to consider, but all signs on B&B point that’s where it’s going.

Baby Sold to Pay Gambling Debt on B&B?

Is Reese that dark of a character that he would lie and tell Hope Logan her baby didn’t make it for his own gain? Is he so desperate for money that the thoughts of selling a baby into black market adoption might cross his mind? This is so far out of the realm of a usual Bold and the Beautiful storyline, but maybe they’re upping the ante on drama.

Ordinarily, Reese Buckingham probably wouldn’t stoop so low, but if it’s to save Zoe Buckingham’s life, then he might. Veteran B&B fans might be shaking their heads, as this is a bit of a stretch for what the CBS soap usually does. But Brad Bell did promise Wayne Brady an unforgettable plot and the game show host/comedian is really stepping up his game to play shady Reese.

The spoilers remind readers that there are profound changes coming to the lives of many families. Hope and Liam being told their baby died would confirm that information. Daytime Confidential suggests this will happen in conjuncture with episode 8,000 of Bold and the Beautiful.

B&B Spoilers – Nothing Good is Coming for Hope

So what happens next on the Bold and the Beautiful? It sounds like something big occurs. Spoilers say Liam, his dad, and others grill Reese in the aftermath of Hope’s labor and delivery. It could be about what happened to the baby and how it “died”. That’s presuming the indebted OB/GYN steals her baby under the cover of darkness when they’re alone at the clinic.

Then again, Brad Bell might have all these clues and hints thrown in to build up Hope’s delivery turning dark then do nothing with it. Hope could give birth to a healthy baby and go home happy with Liam by her side. We’ll see what happens. But so far, everything points towards Liam and Hope being devastated when they’re told their baby died. Then Reese Buckingham can spirit the real Beth away.

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