‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Hope Resents Liam’s Time With Kelly – Thinks He Betrays Beth?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) begins to resent Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) spending time with Kelly Spencer (Zoe Pennington and Chloe Maria Teperman) as she falls deeper into despair. She has nothing left after the death of her baby.

In contrast, she sees that Liam has a source of comfort that she doesn’t. B&B spoilers indicate that to keep his wife happy, he might find himself doing something he doesn’t want to do – keep visits with his daughter with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) a secret!

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Logan Despair Deepens

Hope Logan struggles with thoughts that Baby Beth Spencer (Rosalind Aune and Isabella de Armas) is still alive. B&B episodes have her sharing her feelings with Liam, and also her mother Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang).

Hope cannot get past these dark emotions. So she tells Liam she cannot fully mourn the passing of her baby. Instead, she is stuck searching for baby Beth her mind. She’s tormented and struggling while her husband takes comfort with his other child on Bold and the Beautiful.

B&B Spoilers: Hope Cannot Escape Her Torment

Hope tells Liam her thoughts jump from what went wrong during the birth, then on to believing she will see Beth in her crib. She explained this to Liam Spencer on Monday’s Bold and the Beautiful episode. 

B&B spoilers hint she is tormented with these concerns as the episodes play out. It looks like she can’t get past the pain of her loss. She worries that she may never feel happiness again. Furthermore, her resentment at Liam increase because he seems to be coping better than she is.

Hope’s Resentment Toward Liam Spencer Grows

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Hope is not back to herself anytime soon. As Liam Spencer continues to visit his daughter Kelly, the resentment she feels grows even more. In this state of mind, she may assume he isn’t as sad as she is. It could be that Hope doesn’t see his loss as awful as her own because he has Kelly to soften the blow.

As Hope starts to resent Liam’s visits with Kelly and Steffy, there’s more turmoil on B&B ahead. Liam tries to stay strong for his wife so she doesn’t see the full extent of his grief over losing Beth. Once Liam realizes how Hope feels, it could be that he begins to keep the visits secret from his wife. He doesn’t want to intensify her sadness.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan is Not Herself

B&B spoilers point to Hope falling deeper into grief. Ordinarily, she would never interfere with Liam visiting Kelly – but she’s off-kilter right now. Plus, she’s not progressing through the stages of grief because of lingering feelings that Beth is alive.

As she remains in a limbo-like state of despair, Liam does his best to support her. This may result in him keeping his time with Kelly and Steffy a secret. This is something Liam Spencer doesn’t want to do but he might find it necessary for Hope Logan’s well being. Check out CBS daytime every day so you don’t miss a moment!

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