‘Big Brother’: Tyler Scrambles to Avoid Eviction – Cody Sick of the Tears

Big Brother Head of Household Cody Calafiore has his sights set on Tyler Crispen for eviction tonight. The Committee has finally turned on one another. It just so happens that Tyler and Christmas Abbott are on the bottom of the broken alliance. This means they’ve become the first targets and without any miracles, one of them is going home, and all signs point to Tyler.

In other news, Cody is over the abundance of tears from one of his closest allies, Nicole Franzel. She’s been crying for the majority of the season and he’s sick of it. How much longer will he be able to remain friendly while carrying her to the end?

Big Brother 22: Tyler Crispen’s Chances of Staying are Slim

When this week began, Tyler Crispen wasn’t Cody Calafiore’s target. HoH Cody wanted Christmas Abbott gone and most of the remaining Big Brother 22 houseguests were on board. Enzo Palumbo has been annoyed with Christmas for a while. Plus, Nicole Franzel will do pretty much whatever Cody tells her to. Yet, Memphis Garrett feels like the cross-fit celeb wouldn’t come after him, so he would rather Tyler go.

Eventually, Enzo and Cody came to the conclusion that Tyler needs to go because he’s a bigger threat. Nicole was also campaigning against Big Brother 20 runner-up Tyler after he “betrayed” her. He voted against her when she was on the block during the triple eviction.

Big Brother: Tyler Crispen

Cody Calafiore Tells Nicole Franzel to Pull Her Weight

Nicole Franzel and Cody Calafiore have had a final two since the beginning of the Big Brother season. Although it might not be Cody’s strongest partnership, he’s stayed loyal to her so far. But the time for the New Jersey native to show his cards is coming. When it comes to the game, Nicole doesn’t have much to show on her resume for this season. On the other hand, Cody’s won a total of six competitions so far.

So, it actually might be smart to bring Nicole, as he would have the best chance of winning Big Brother over her. Still, Cody can’t play in next week’s HoH, so he told Nicole that she “had” to win so that they would be 100% safe. He claims that Nicole’s been throwing comps because she knows that Cody will protect her.

Big Brother: Nicole Franzel

Big Brother: Nicole Cries Herself to Sleep

In the middle of the conversation with Cody Calafiore, Nicole told him she needed to “got to bed” so she wouldn’t cry. But as soon as she got into bed, she began crying. Nicole ended up crying herself to sleep last night. Later, Cody revealed that he did feel bad for the way he talked to her. It’s not the first time she’s burst into tears this season. In fact, she’s leading the race for the most tears shed so far. Will it cost her the game if she can’t pull herself together?

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