‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Bayleigh Dayton Made Nicole Franzel Ugly Cry

Big Brother spoilers reveal a conversation with Bayleigh Dayton that made Nicole Franzel cry. It’s not the first time that Nicole, the BB18 winner, has burst into tears this season. In fact, she’s starting to border on Big Meech (Michelle Meyer) level hysterics. But now it seems like she might be targeting Bayleigh after taking a joke too seriously. So, what did Bayleigh say that has Nicole laboring over it several days later?

Big Brother Spoilers: Da’Vonne Rogers Talks Showmance With David Alexander

There’s been a little bit of a ‘flirtmance’ going on between Da’Vonne Rogers and David Alexander. Well, not exactly, but some of the other Big Brother 22 houseguests are shipping the two of them together. It’s most likely because they’re both single, near the same age, and showmances are good for television. Yet, Da’Vonne doesn’t want anyone to get any ideas.

Big Brother spoilers report on a conversation between Da’Vonne, Nicole Franzel, and Bayleigh Dayton. The three talked about David. Nicole teased Da’Vonne because she believes David has a little crush on her. But Da’Vonne thinks it could affect her Big Brother chances if she were to be in a showmance. Bayleigh said that’s what happened to her with Swaggy C.

Da’Vonne pointed out Nicole won while in a showmance. That’s when Bayleigh made a joke that didn’t land like it was supposed to.

Big Brother: David Alexander - Da'Vonne Rogers

Bayleigh Dayton Makes Nicole Franzel Cry

In an attempt at a joke, Bayleigh Dayton inadvertently caused Nicole Franzel to burst into tears. She said it took Nicole, “a few tries, and a few boys” to win Big Brother 18. She isn’t wrong. Nicole did have Hayden Voss on BB16 and Corey Brooks on BB18. Then, she ended up with Victor Arroyo after the fact. But her public romances seems to be a sensitive subject. It could be that many fans have said she didn’t deserve her win on season 18. Partly because she had two guys watching her back.  But, Ian Terry said it best – Every BB winner deserved their win.

After Bayleigh left the room, Nicole let the waterworks go. Later, she retold the story to Daniele Donato Briones and Da’Vonne Rogers – and cried again. She didn’t understand why Bayleigh would say something like that.

When Da’Vonne told Bayleigh about it later on, the Big Brother alum Bayleigh said she didn’t mean anything by it and felt a little bad.

Big Brother: Nicole Franzle - Daniele Donato Briones

Big Brother: Is Nicole Targeting Bayleigh Now?

Things have been awkward between Bayleigh Dayton and Nicole Franzel after that little conversation gone wrong. Nicole thinks Bay is “not being nice” to her anymore. Meanwhile, Bayleigh says that Nicole leaves the room whenever she comes into it.

Nicole even told some of her alliance members that she needed someone to put up on the block anyway, so it looks like that’s going to be Bayleigh.

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