‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Da’Vonne PoV Win Disrupts Dani’s HoH – Final 2 Noms Revealed

Big Brother spoilers report Da’Vonne Rogers making a move that threatens Head of Household (HoH) Daniele Donato Briones’ plan for the week. Dani’s already had to nominate another houseguest after a BB Basement power was used. Now, Da’Vonne has won the Power of Veto and she made a pretty bold move with it. So, who are the two people facing eviction now that the nominations are locked?

Big Brother Spoilers: Disruptor Power Foils Daniele Donato Briones’ Nomination Plans

When Daniele Donato Briones won Head of Household, she put David Alexander and Kevin Campbell on the Big Brother chopping block. She planned on targeting David and using Kevin as a pawn like houseguests have been doing a lot this season. Also, she had a possible plan to backdoor Tyler Crispen in place. He made Daniele angry by leaking information to Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers last week.

Unfortunately for Daniele Donato, David Alexander had a secret power from the BB Basement Twist called “The Disruptor”. It allowed him to anonymously take one of the Big Brother HoH’s nominations off the block and they’d be safe for the week. Obviously, he used it on himself and Dani put up Tyler in his place. Could something exciting finally be happening on this Big Brother All-Stars season?

Big Brother: Da'Vonne Rogers - David Alexander

Da’Vonne Rogers Win Forces HoH’s Hand

Next, came the Power of Veto competition which included Daniele Donato, Tyler Crispen, Kevin Campbell, Da’Vonne Rogers, Ian Terry, and Enzo Palumbo. In the end, it was Da’Vonne who won her first Big Brother competition ever. Before the PoV, Dani asked Da’Vonne if she would keep the nominations the same should she win. Originally, Da’Vonne agreed to this, because you never say “no” to the Big Brother HoH (even if you don’t plan to keep you word). So, When Da’Vonne won the Power of Veto, she used it at the Veto Ceremony.


Besides David Alexander, Kevin is one of the only people Da’Vonne trusts in the Big Brother 22 house. Even though the other houseguests were pressuring her into not using her power, she took Kevin off the block. So, Dani had to nominate yet another person for eviction this week. Daniele Donato chose Ian, who’s the only other person in the house Dani isn’t in an alliance with.

Big Brother: Da'Vonne Rogers - Kevin Campbell

Big Brother Spoilers: Who’s Going Home on Thursday?

Nominations are locked in with it coming down to Tyler Crispen and Ian Terry. Although Daniele Donato talked a lot of smack about backdooring Tyler, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen this week on Big Brother 22. It seems like she wants to get rid of Ian and most of the house is on board.

Dani says that Tyler can help the majority get further. Daniele says that Ian is just another vote, so they should get rid of Ian.

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