‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Dani Nominated David – But His Power Turned the Tables – Who’s on the Block Now?

Big Brother spoilers reveal that Daniele Donato Briones won the Head of Household competition. Originally, Dani nominated David Alexander and Kevin Campbell for eviction. Yet, David’s special secret power from the BB Basement allowed him to switch up her plans. Now, with little options, Dani’s put one of her own allies on the block and it could very well end up backfiring.

In other news, Memphis Garrett didn’t like David’s move and made his feelings very clear. As a result, he came off as very threatening. He says he had permission from production in order to do so. So, what’s happening in the BB22 house this week?

Big Brother Spoilers: Daniele Donato Briones Win HoH Competition

With Bayleigh Dayton becoming the fifth evictee from Big Brother 22, another week in the game came to an end. Julie Chen announced that the rest of the remaining houseguests had made it to jury and the competition for the next HoH began. This week, it just so happened to be a wall competition. It’s a staple BB endurance comp that the houseguests participate in every year and this time it was called “Power Trip”.

Big Brother spoilers report that Da’Vonne Rogers was the first to drop at around thirteen minutes. Eventually, it came down to Daniele Donato, Cody Calafiore, and Nicole Franzel left in the Big Brother competition. First, Nicole dropped, then Cody followed her shortly after, allowing Dani to win this week’s HoH.

Big Brother: Cody Calafiore - Nicole Franzel - Memphis Garrett - David Alexander - Daniele Donato Briones - Kevin Campbell

David Alexander Upsets Dani’s Nomination Plans

Once again, instead of making a big move, the Big Brother HoH seems to be picking off the floaters. Daniele Donato nominated both Kevin Campbell and David Alexander for eviction. Her target appeared to be David, but little did she know he won one of the three powers in the BB Basement twist. David’s power is called “The Disruptor” and with it, he can secretly save one of the nominees. After nominations are made, he can go to the Diary Room and activate his advantage.

Obviously, that’s exactly what he did and it forced Dani to choose another person to put on the Big Brother block. She chose Tyler, which makes sense because she’s been mad at him for talking to Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne during the last week. It looks as if he could’ve been a backdoor plan. But Dani had to put him up early because David played his power.

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Big Brother: Memphis Garrett Intimidates David

Since David Alexander secretly used his Disruptor power, no one knows for sure that it was definitely him that saved himself. Yet, Memphis Garrett had a sneaking suspicion that is was David and tried to bully the truth out of him. According to a retelling of the events that occurred during a live feed outage, Memphis roughly grabbed David by the shoulders in a display of intimidation. Still, David played dumb and acted like he had no idea who might have saved him.

Typically, the house frowns upon behavior like this that borders on violent. But Memphis claims  he got permission to be intimidating. He claimed that Rich, an executive producer for the show, said that he could do it. If this is true, then it would seem that production has tipped Memphis off that David was lying. Many fans think it seems like production could be interfering with David’s game in an unfair manner.

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