‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Daniele Targets David – Ruins Her Game with Fixation?

Big Brother spoilers reveal that Daniele Donato Briones (Dani) is damaging her game with her relentless effort to get David Alexander evicted this week. Once again, the majority holds the power and it looks like they’re still picking off the remaining floaters left in the game.

While the rest of the house is focused on one target, Daniele Donato has her sights set on David and is pushing the others to do the same. But Dani’s plan isn’t working and is backfiring on her. Has Daniele’s relentless pursuit against David made her target number once The Committee starts turning on each other?

Big Brother Spoilers: Cody Calafiore Wins HoH – Nominates David Alexander & Kevin Campbell

It’s a special week in the Big Brother 22 house because of the “Neighbor” twist. The legendary Dr. Will Kirby’s moved in next door and brought with him a difficult choice for the houseguests: power or prizes? In the Head of Household competition, the players had to make that choice and one of the ones who went for power was Cody Calafiore. It ended up working out for him because he earned the title of HoH, giving him most of the power for the week.

Big Brother spoilers reported that continuing with this season’s tradition of targeting the smallest threats, Cody nominated Kevin Campbell and David Alexander. He’s been adamant about Kevin being his target, even going so far as to reassure David that his Big Brother game is safe for now. Plus, he has a backup plan of back-dooring Christmas Abbott if either nominee manages to take themselves off.

Big Brother: Kevin Campell - David Alexander

Daniele Donato Briones Pushes Her Own Agenda – Ruins Game?

Although Cody Calafiore wants Kevin Campbell gone, Daniele Donato isn’t on the same page as the Big Brother HoH. Dani thinks that keeping Kevin and getting rid of David Alexander is much better for her own game. So, Daniele Donato’s been planting seeds in the heads of the other hosueguests in order to get her way. It’s a tactic Daniele has used many times before. Big Brother spoilers indicate the others are onto her little game and have been for quite some time.

For the entirety of the season, Dani’s prided herself on her ability to plant seeds. Little does she know, that her own Big Brother alliance knows what she’s been doing and it has been putting Daniele higher and higher on their hit lists. She’s also been the source of a lot of information leaks amongst her group and they’ve managed to take it back to her. If she’s not careful, she could be the one Cody Calafiore backdoors by the end of the week.

Big Brother: Daniele "Dani" Donato Briones

Big Brother Spoilers: Wise Guys Finalize Plan

During Memphis Garret’s HoH reign last week, he put some new alliances into play. His first new alliance is called The Wise Guys and includes himself, Enzo Palumbo, and Cody Calafiore. But he’s also created another final three of the same name with Enzo and Christmas Abbott. It seems like he’s more loyal to the first group. The two new alliances now think that keeping David Alexander will get them all the way to the final three.

Cody helped cement their plan into place by winning the Power of Veto. So, he holds all the power now. On the other hand, David seems to have gone for a $10,000 prize instead of the PoV. He says it’s because he was about to lose the PoV, so why not get the cash. However, many in the house thinks it’s because he feels safe with the vote. Viewers will probably see Daniele Donato pushing extra hard to get David out of the house.

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