‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Ian Evicted – Dani Reveals Secret Power to Da’Vonne?

Big Brother spoilers tease a not-so-good outlook for Ian Terry at tonight’s live eviction. He’s sitting on the block alongside Tyler Crispen and the odds aren’t in his favor. Especially since many of the houseguests think he’s being a poor sport about his current predicament. Meanwhile, Daniele Donato Briones made a bold move trusting Da’Vonne Rogers with the secret power she won.

Big Brother Spoilers: Ian Terry’s Game Coming to an End?

Head of Household Daniele Donato had a tough week when it came to getting blood on her hands. David Alexander used his Disruptor Power and took himself off the Big Brother block. So, Dani replaced him with Tyler Crispen with a possible plan to backdoor her ally. Then, Da’Vonne Rogers won the Power of Veto and used it to save one of her only remaining allies, Kevin Campbell.

Dani had no choice to nominate Ian Terry if she wanted to stay true to her many alliances. Ian was the only other houseguest left Dani isn’t aligned with in the Big Brother 22 house. Although Ian originally thought he had the votes to stay, that wasn’t the case. Houseguests were just telling him that so that he wouldn’t blow up.

Even if there was a tie, Daniele Donato said she’d sent Ian out the door. Big Brother spoilers show that Ian Terry isn’t handling the pressure very well. It showed on Wednesday night’s episode in his Diary Room session.

Big Brother: Tyler Crispen - Ian Terry

Ian Terry Threatens to Quit BB22?

If the house does evict Ian Terry tonight – which is a very high probability – that’ll make him the first member of the Big Brother jury. In a typical season of the show, there’s usually at least one jury battle back competition. It gives an evicted player the chance to win there way back into the game. Yet, Ian doesn’t appear interested in getting back into the house once he’s out.

In fact, Ian’s been telling basically everyone that he will quit if he ends up being the first juror. He won Big Brother 14, so he’s never actually experienced the jury house before. Of course, this could just be all talk, but it’s not the first time someone’s threatened to quit this season. Tyler Crispen already tried last week.

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Big Brother Spoilers: Daniele Donato & Da’Vonne Rogers Talk Powers

More Big Brother spoilers report that Daniele Donato decided to tell Da’Vonne Rogers about her BB Basement Power at some point. Dani got the Replay Power which allows her to grant the outgoing HoH the ability to play back-to-back competitions. Da’Vonne asked Dani if she was going to use it for tonight’s HoH, but Dani revealed that she doesn’t plan on it.

Apparently, she thinks that another week in power wouldn’t look good. So, instead, she says she might use it on the next HoH in order to paint a bigger target on their back. It’s not a bad plan if it ends up working out. But we’ve learned to “expect the unexpected” when it comes to this show.

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